Alex Gansa, showrunner of Homeland

Alex Gansa discusses Homeland, conscious not to repeat ’24’

Homeland spoilers below, but former 24 writer Alex Gansa discusses how he and Howard Gordon were very conscious not to repeat 24’s mole trope in their new show. It’s an interesting read. HitFix: Also on the subject of lingering post-finale questions… There was a lot of “mole” talk this season, but no resolution. Were Saul’s… View Article

Katee Sackhoff Interview on Good Day NY - March 2010

Katee Sackhoff Good Day NY interview 3/8/10

Katee says that she was told what was in store for her character up through episode 14/15 before signing on. [flv:http://video-static.clipsyndicate.com/zStorage/clipsyndicate/15/2010/03/08/02/23/b15ab465-ebea-4d89-bd39-6226edaaf10b.flv http://24spoilers.s3.amazonaws.com/Interview_KateeSackhoff-DanaWalsh-GDNY.jpg 560 340] Katee Sackhoff on Good Day NY video interview

Rhys Coiro as FBI analyst Sean Hillinger in 24 Season 7

’24’: Five questions with fallen FBI agent Rhys Coiro

And by fallen we mean compromised. As one of Col. Dubaku’s midlevel FBI moles, Sean Hillinger probably wasn’t destined to go the daylong distance on Fox series “24.” But actor Rhys Coiro, best known for playing the cocky “art-film” director Billy Walsh on “Entourage,” says that at least in going bad Sean got to be… View Article

Manny Coto answers fan questions

Several days ago 24 writer Manny Coto posted a thank you message to fans on his official message boards. He has now begun responding to fan questions: 24 is an extremely collaborative show, much more so than Enterprise. On Enterprise, one writer would often take charge of an episode and see it through to the… View Article

Sarah Clarke interviewed by TV Guide about evil Nina

The set of 24 was a chamber of secrets for Sarah Clarke, who had to keep quiet about her character’s hidden agenda – and her own romance with a costar. You thought you knew Nina Myers. She was, you thought, the crime-fighting heroine of FOX’s 24 – its magnolia of steel. Resourceful and tough, she… View Article