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24 Season 1 DVD Special Edition

24 Season 1 DVD Special Edition Audio Commentaries

Here are all the 24 Season 1 Special Edition DVD audio commentaries. 24 Season 1 Episode 1 commentary by Stephen Hopkins (Director), Peter Levy (Director of Photography): 24 Season 1 Episode 24 commentary by Stephen Hopkins (Director), Leslie Hope (Teri Bauer): Alternate 24 Season 1 finale scene commentary by Joel Surnow:

IGN interviews Kiefer Sutherland

Q: 24, considered the hottest show on TV… There’s a lot of anticipation for the premiere. You guys are taking a chance, since your premiere is going to be commercial-free. SUTHERLAND: Actually Ford’s taking a big chance. They’re paying for it. Q: How do you feel about the premiere being commercial-free? SUTHERLAND: We’re excited about… View Article

Leslie Hope as Teri Bauer in 24 Season 1

Media stereotypes upset stars of ’24’

Stars of the cult drama series 24 have attacked media executives such as Rupert Murdoch for perpetuating stereotypes about women and ethnic minorities. Leslie Hope, who plays the wife of the lead character in 24, made for the Murdoch-owned Fox network in the US and shown in Britain on BBC2, said she feared the second… View Article

Extra interview 24 Season 1

Extra goes in-depth on 24’s Sound

The real-time thrills of Fox’s “24” race by at a heart-stopping pace. To make every second count, no detail is overlooked, especially the sound. From frantic footfalls to a hail of bullets, “24” director and co-executive producer Stephen Hopkins believes sound design is critical to capturing the mood and building white-knuckle suspense. He says, “I’ve… View Article

Joel Surnow: “impossible to come up with a 24-episode arc”

Sitting through an entire episode of the unnervingly suspenseful “24″ is a gleeful exercise in masochism, both thrilling and torturous. Since its debut this season, Fox’s ingenious new espionage drama has found itself at the center of a maelstrom of publicity and critical adulation, even if its underwhelming ratings don’t necessarily reflect the show’s originality… View Article