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24 Season 2 Episode 8 Promo (3:00PM – 4:00PM)

Promo for 24 Season 2 episode 8 (3:00 PM – 4:00PM). “Jack Bauer is trying to stop a terrorist attack that could cost millions of lives. Now, he gets the break he’s been waiting for. Hang on for a ride you’ll never forget.”

24 Season 1 DVD Promo

Promo for the 24 Season 1 DVD release. “24 the complete first season now on DVD. This innovative and highly-acclaimed series is available to own for the first time ever. With an alternate ending you won’t believe. 24 – own it on DVD.”

Kiefer Sutherland's introduction to 24 Season 1

Introduction to 24 Season 1 by Kiefer Sutherland

Kiefer Sutherland’s introduction to 24 Season 1 on the DVD. What can you expect from the second season of 24? In a word? More. More conflict, more suspense, more of the unexpected. And with a story that’s literally been ripped from todays headlines, the next day, Jack Bauer’s next day, is going to keep all… View Article

24 Season 1 Alternate Ending

24 Season 1 Alternate Ending

24 Season 1 Alternate Ending If you’d like to know the reason why this ending was not chosen, watch the version below which features the audio commentary track from Joel Surnow. We’ve also transcribed it in text underneath. 24 Season 1 Alternate Ending (with commentary) Hi, I’m Joel Surnow, I’m an executive producer and co-creator… View Article

Kiefer Sutherland on Craig Kilborn

Kiefer Sutherland was interviewed on Craig Kilborn ahead of the 24 Season 1 finale tomorrow. He talks about shooting three different endings. “Like a film, it has a conclusion. At the end of this twenty four hours, all of the questions get answered. There is an ending as opposed to a lot of shows.”