24 Season 1

Xander Berkeley as George Mason in 24 Season 1

’24’ promos try viewers’ patience

John Carman of the San Francisco Chronicle has said he’s fed up with the advertising blitz for 24. My sin is watching a whole lot of baseball. My penance is watching a thousand Fox promos for “24.” Fox hit baseball with “24” promos as if it were saturation bombing a Taliban pickup truck. Every half… View Article

24 Season 1 Artwork

’24’ Repeats Will Air on FX

Should you miss an episode of FOX’s new drama “24” on some Tuesday during the season, its cable cousin has your back. FX will rebroadcast each episode of the series, which unfolds in real time over the course of one day, on Sundays and Mondays after the episode runs on FOX network stations. The networks… View Article

Carlos Bernard plays CTU worker Tony Almeida in 24 Season 1

Rival Television Networks Concerned About ’24’

THE buildup to every television season starts out like the buildup to the Kentucky Derby: the field is just a herd of unknown horses until the smart talk picks out the favorite. The smart talk has started early this season, among advertisers in New York, agents in Hollywood and executives at every television network: a… View Article