24 Season 7 Episode 21

24 Season 7 Contingency Plan Revealed - Deleted Scene

24 Season 7 Deleted Scenes

The 24 Season 7 DVD & Blu-Ray set contains 14 deleted and extended scenes from seven different episodes. Jack Talks About His Daughter (Episode 2 “9:00am-10:00am”) Colonel Dubaku Sends a Message (Episode 2 “9:00am-10:00am”) Larry Confronts Sean (Episode 6 “1:00pm-2:00pm”) President Taylor Recites Her Message (Episode 6 “1:00pm-2:00pm”) Jack Helps Henry Until the EMT’s Arrive… View Article

Jack Bauer Meets Jonas Hodges

Jon Voight adds another dimension to ’24’ villain

Finally, Jack meets Jonas. Monday’s 24 showdown between hero Jack Bauer and one of the show’s more memorable villains, Jonas Hodges, gives star Kiefer Sutherland face time with Jon Voight. Hodges heads Starkwood, a shadowy military contractor gone rogue with bioweapons. Voight, in his first role in a TV series since the late ’60s, lies… View Article

Jonas Hodges 24 Season 7 Episode 21

24 Season 7 Episode 21 Press Release (4:00AM – 5:00AM)

TIME IS TICKING AWAY FOR JACK BAUER ON “24” MONDAY, MAY 4, ON FOX While lives remain on the line, an emotional Chloe copes with the declining conditions. With only a few hours left in Jack Bauer’s day, the situation worsens when the politicking inside the White House corners the divided administration in the “Day… View Article