24 Season 7 Episode 21 Promo (4:00AM – 5:00AM)

Promo for 24 Season 7 Episode 21 (4:00 AM – 5:00 AM). Olivia Taylor wants Jonas Hodges to be killed, Jack Bauer tells Chloe O’Brian that he’s dying and there’s no cure, Tony Almeida plans to frame Jibraan Al-Zarian.

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[..YouTube..] Thanks Calvin,
I understand it was Logon who was ultimately behind Palmer and Michelles death. But he was using the dude from Robocop (can’t remember his name?) to carry out the killings. Now even though he has connections to emmerson, as he delivers Tony to him, You saying emmerson has no connection to Michelles death? Only in getting to Tony…

[..YouTube..] Rated one star for ruining the video with your pleas for traffic, just post the video.

[..YouTube..] why has Tony become like this noh? stupse

[..YouTube..] REally? I can’t wait. So Jack is not gonna died? Who is gona save him? Is Chloe still gona be in the new CTU? And Tony? Sry I’m just too excited lol

[..YouTube..] If I don’t get it wrong it is like this…
Michelle’s death and this season has no direct connection. Anderson who killed Michelle and others was working with Logan. He knew that Toni hates Logan(US president/government we can say) afterward. And in the same time he knew Emerson was recruiting people who hates govt as well. Therefore instead of killing Toni he delivered him to Emerson. I don’t think what happen in season 7 has something to do with Anderson since he died already. I hope it helps.

[..YouTube..] I like her.. I think she is being so strong.. Unlike her daughter who is sneaky and totally bitch..

[..YouTube..] jack cant die because as you can see reinstating the ctu servers is setting up for another season of the show and without jack the show is just not good so yeah jack is not going to die

[..YouTube..] Kiefer and Annie alreay signed on for season 8, and filming is set to start within the next month or so. JACK BAUER LIVES ON! :-)

[..YouTube..] awesome!!!!!!! if Jack Bauer ever leaves the show i would stop watching it he totally makes the show!!!!!!!!

[..YouTube..] True, but how much of a toll do you think that pathajen would’ve taken on Jack by the time Season 8 starts?

[..YouTube..] Why the hell do Muslims always have to get dragged into this eventually!

[..YouTube..] When are these people gonna realize that President Taylor’s daughter is in on this? People can be slow sometimes!

[..YouTube..] The only thing the president’s daughter is involved in is wanting Jonas Hodges dead. Now that that has happened, she is in total regret of what has happened. Seriously she isn’t working in league with Alan Wilson or Tony Almeida. She has a motivation, I mean come on her brother was murdered. That’s the only thing she is after is avenging her brother. I don’t see any other connection so I disagree with you DorveIITStewart.

[..YouTube..] I agree on the comment under me. Olivia Taylor just wanted Jonas Hodges dead, and she got her wish. She is already regretting that mistake. She is a bitch yet she is still hot at the exact same time!

[..YouTube..] Thanks Pepezkakap,
I’ll move on now.
On a nother note how, good was that when Jack layed into Janis over her attitude towards CTU, and when the CTU serves finally got on line. It was a bit emotional when he mentioned David Palmers name……

[..YouTube..] I think Olivia Taylor in “24” looks like Reese Witherspoon.

[..YouTube..] That’s SO weird you said that! Me and my brother were JUST saying that an hour ago :P

[..YouTube..] 0:20 isnt these twins the arabics from season 4, when they helped Jack and Paul Raines against the McLennanForster in weapon store?

[..YouTube..] Oh yes i checked, and he is the same actor. And by the way their father in deleted scenes of season 4, is the same actor of Abu Fayed :D And if you know the prequel of season 6 where Jack is tortured in china, one of the torturers is the same man that is torturing some chiniese in beginning of season 2

[..YouTube..] I’ve thought about it for quite a while. Not while Reese Witherspoon is making her famous “grins”, but otherwise.. they look quite alike. Oliva and Reese. :)

[..YouTube..] yeh ther the same

[..YouTube..] Hey Pepezkakap, did you enjoy the season finale? I gotta admit it wasn’t the best in the series but was still great viewing. So what did you think about Tony’s motives? I new there was something odd about working for those who had an involvment in his wifes death.
See you guys next season

[..YouTube..] White Integra 18 seconds in.

[..YouTube..] hi ozuk07. I couldn’t decide how last season ended for me. It’s not finished I believe. I also heard that season 7 has tight connection with season 8. can’t wait next Monday what’s really happen. This 11 episodes so far were kind off slow. And Dana’s story should just be omitted. Hate it so much. lol

[..YouTube..] Hi Pepezkakap, Haven’t started watching the new series yet. Holding off until hr18, then I’m going to hit it hard. I heard this seasons started pretty slow and it may be the last? Hope it gets better and the series continues next year. Enjoy the series and will get back to you once I caught up.