Aaron Pierce

Glenn Morshower visits 24 Season 8 set

Update (April 27): These photos were taken in mid-December during filming for Episode 18 (which Aaron Pierce was not in) which you can tell by the fact that Cherry Jones is on the CTU set (Taylor visited CTU during that episode). This unfortunately means Glenn Morshower was simply visiting his old friends in these particular… View Article

Fan favorite character Aaron Pierce returns in 24 Season 7 Episode 9

24 Season 7 Episode 9 Press Release (4:00PM – 5:00PM)

CHLOE CLASHES WITH FBI ANALYST JANIS GOLD AS JACK AND RENEE RACE AGAINST TIME IN WASHINGTON ON “24” MONDAY, FEBRUARY 16, ON FOX After eight hellacious hours of this terrible day have elapsed, the country remains on edge. President Taylor struggles with the painful circumstances facing the First Family, including her daughter Olivia (guest star… View Article

David Fury interviewed by PopGurls

PopGurls Amy Pascale has an interesting interview with David Fury where he compares working on 24 to his past projects among other things. There’s some interesting tidbits about the 24 writing staff in here. Have you found that people have followed you from Buffy to new shows? If I’m to believe the bulletin board postings… View Article