Glenn Morshower visits 24 Season 8 set

Update (April 27): These photos were taken in mid-December during filming for Episode 18 (which Aaron Pierce was not in) which you can tell by the fact that Cherry Jones is on the CTU set (Taylor visited CTU during that episode).

This unfortunately means Glenn Morshower was simply visiting his old friends in these particular photos. Let’s hope Pierce still shows up in 24 Season 8 though!

No idea when these photos were taken or the story behind them, but hopefully Glenn was on the set as an actor and not simply visiting his old friends to say hi! Aaron Pierce is the only character besides Jack Bauer to appear in all seven seasons of the show and I’d like that streak to continue.

Glenn Morshower on 24 set

Thanks Kim for the photos!


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Hope so! Why end a good streak like that??

I hope this is true, especially with it being the final season, would be annoying for Aaron to miss out, and lose his record, in the final season!

I would imagine, he’s gonna be going in gun blazing with Jack and doing something.

My Name is Jim Vickers
May 4, 2010 at 3:24 pm
Well if he does come back, he’ll be back exposing conspiracy and corruption as standard. And he’ll always be on jacks side, since he was always loyal to Palmer. Bring back Pierce!

Could our beloved AARON be the formidable foe that that low life LOGAN encounters in next weeks (5-10-2010) show? Hope so, I like Aaron. Maybe he will bring MARTHA back and she can get other swing at LOGAN? Boy am I dreaming or what?