Set Visit

24: Live Another Day Set - President Heller's Office

24: Live Another Day Set Tour from AP

AP Entertainment Journalist Hilary Fox tweeted out some photos of her recent visit to the set. Here are some behind the scenes photos of 24: Live Another Day. First up CIA’s London HQ: This is the CIA Interview Room in 24: Live Another Day. They were very clear that it’s NOT the interrogation room. The… View Article

Set Tour of the new CTU with Howard Gordon

24 showrunner Howard Gordon gives a guided tour of the amazing new underground CTU New York set showing us the fancy elevators, palm readers, the 24 foot jumbotron-style display, the slick new interrogation room, and more that we’ll be seeing in 24 Season 8. At the end he speaks about whether the show will get… View Article

Glenn Morshower visits 24 Season 8 set

Update (April 27): These photos were taken in mid-December during filming for Episode 18 (which Aaron Pierce was not in) which you can tell by the fact that Cherry Jones is on the CTU set (Taylor visited CTU during that episode). This unfortunately means Glenn Morshower was simply visiting his old friends in these particular… View Article