Set Tour of the new CTU with Howard Gordon

24 showrunner Howard Gordon gives a guided tour of the amazing new underground CTU New York set showing us the fancy elevators, palm readers, the 24 foot jumbotron-style display, the slick new interrogation room, and more that we’ll be seeing in 24 Season 8.

At the end he speaks about whether the show will get another season stating that:

“I think this franchise, this show, is about as good as the next idea. And if there’s an idea, there’s a show. And if there’s an idea, maybe there’s a deal. We’re at the end of the contract for a lot of people, including Kiefer. So everything has to be re-figured out if we’re going to do it, and you know, the changing economies of the business… is changing. The recession has certainly impacted us. We don’t have the blank check we used to have. So there’s a lot of factors that’ll have to come together. I think, the only one to me anyway that’s relevant, is there a story to be told? As long as Jack’s not dead, anything is possible.”

Source The Hollywood Reporter

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So is this the CTU operations centre or the CTU nightclub?