Howard Gordon video interviews

Howard Gordon THR Emmy Roundtable

24’s Howard Gordon on killing off characters

Howard Gordon joined joined fellow showrunners Vince Gilligan (Breaking Bad), Glen Mazzara (The Walking Dead), Veena Sud (The Killing), Shonda Rhimes (Grey’s Anatomy), and Terence Winter (Boardwalk Empire) for The Hollywood Reporter’s Emmys roundtable, where they were asked about killing off characters. Here’s what Howard had to say: Homeland‘s still new enough where we actually… View Article

Howard Gordon Access Hollywood Interview

Howard Gordon on 24 movie

Howard Gordon was interviewed about the upcoming second season of his great Showtime series Homeland and the 24 movie. Skip to 2:25 for the 24 stuff if you don’t want any Homeland spoilers – have also written a transcript below. We were racing to get this thing done. And Kiefer is out promoting Touch. And… View Article

Howard Gordon Gregory Mantell Show

Howard Gordon on The Gregory Mantell Show

Gregory Mantell interviewed 24‘s Howard Gordon about the show, the 24 movie, his novel Gideon’s War, working with Jon Voight, Kiefer Sutherland, his upcoming series Homeland, and more.

24’s Howard Gordon on Good Day NY

Here’s an interview I recorded this morning on FOX 5’s Good Day New York. It’s almost entirely about his novel Gideon’s War, but he gets asked about the 24 movie at the very end (final 20 seconds) to which he replies it’s not happening right away but is still happening.

Howard Gordon Glenn Beck Interview

Glenn Beck interviews Howard Gordon

This is actually a pretty candid interview where Howard Gordon gets grilled about the “political correctness” of the 24 in recent years with the numerous “Go Green” PSA’s in Season 7 (which he says was a Rupert Murdoch mandate) and the Season 4 pro-Muslim PSA’s with Kiefer Sutherland. Skip to 4:55 if you want to… View Article

Set Tour of the new CTU with Howard Gordon

24 showrunner Howard Gordon gives a guided tour of the amazing new underground CTU New York set showing us the fancy elevators, palm readers, the 24 foot jumbotron-style display, the slick new interrogation room, and more that we’ll be seeing in 24 Season 8. At the end he speaks about whether the show will get… View Article