Howard Gordon and Cherry Jones interviewed about season 8

Cherry Jones and Howard Gordon were interviewed at FOX’s Emmy After Party regarding her Emmy win and the upcoming eighth season of the show. Former 24 director and executive producer Jon Cassar was also there to congratulate his old pals.

Executive Producer and writer Howard Gordon said “the moment I saw her first set of dailies, I knew this would happen”. Jon Cassar says he “couldn’t be happier for Cherry, she just did such a great job on our show in season 7 and I think if anyone deserves it, she definitely did.”

Cherry reveals that they’re ten episodes into the season and President Taylor’s family situation hasn’t come up yet, but it may in the back half of the season. She enjoys working with Slumdog Millionaire‘s Anil Kapoor who her character is “locked in deep diplomacy with” at the United Nations. “We’ve had a lot of fun together, he’s a lovely man” says Jones.


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[..YouTube..] Thanks for sharing,wonderful!

[..YouTube..] In the clip of President Cherry Taylor Jones giving her inaugural address, she gets to smile….a great smile. This was what was missing during Season 7 ….President Cherry T. Jones doesn’t smile at all. Now the producer says she will be even more sad looking in Season 8?

On another matter, this clip gives a great starring close-up of the Harry Winston diamond earrings. They look like chandaliers. A burden. Good thing she didn’t have to buy them.

[..YouTube..] Uhhm, you mean Pres Alyson Taylor right? hehe. Anyway, yeah, if you get to be President and your facing with a lotta problems from left to right then I dont think you could get to smile pretty much :P

[..YouTube..] Damn she sounds like kate Mulgrew at times – moreso in 24 than these interviews. I guess it maybe because they have both done a lot of theatre in New York.

[..YouTube..] I love her!!!!

[..YouTube..] @deathcapped
There have been repeated reference to ‘Kate Mulgrew’ so I looked her up. She had a hit as a Sci Fi Space Commander. Yes, I can see the resemblance. But Cherry Jones is has mastered the greatest works of the English language, and is our greatest stage actress.

So there is a difference

[..YouTube..] All I meant was that Kate and Cherry sound alike ie have similar voices – and that maybe because they have both done a lot of work in New York theatre. Absolutely nothing to do with who is the better actress – which is entirely subjective anyway.

[..YouTube..] @deathcapped Must have been asleep when the above was typed out because I swear I don’t remember doing it. Somewhere in the past I did see YouTube videos of Kate Mulgrew and her character on (StarTrek Voyager?). It was a good role & it has made KM very well known. Lots of people have noted the resemblance between the her SciFi character and “Pres Taylor.”

’24’ cld have made ‘Pres Taylor’ a lot more exciting, dynamic and better-dressed. (Costumes like Jean Smart/Season 5 of ’24’)

[..YouTube..] I don’t agree – I think Pres Taylor is fine the way she is….the character is very believable as a president. Flashy clothes etc would make the character very plastic.

[..YouTube..] See! Cherry Jones loved her role in “Redemption’ because it seemed like she ‘really was President’. She knows a lot about politics and is a National Debate champion.

I would pay to see her debate the current guy or Hilary Clinton. I bet she could make mincemeat out of either of them!

Go Cherry!

[..YouTube..] It’s “CGI”, Cherry .. Not “CIG” ! :)

[..YouTube..] I want to be her son!!! So i am able to do illegal things like taking drugs or driving under the influence of alcohol and my mom reprieve me of everything!!

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