Howard Gordon interview with The Hollywood Reporter

24‘s Howard Gordon talks with The Hollywood Reporter about “jumping the shark”, the shows unlikely role about torture, and the future of the show.

YouTube Link: “24” – Behind the Scenes


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[..YouTube..] 24… The Best.!

[..YouTube..] Thanks for posting this!

[..YouTube..] i agree, season 6 wasnt the best season. but season 7 is out tomorrow or today infact its monday :D.

[..YouTube..] I love that friggin clock! Gets me excited for the next season. S8!

[..YouTube..] i didnt think season 6 was all that bad

[..YouTube..] @WatchMyAwesomeVideos What? Howard Gordon didn’t ruin 24. He was on the show from the very beginning. It’s a collaboration. They’ve had the same writers for the majority of the show. And by the way, he was the sole writer of 24: Redemption, which I thought was some of the show’s best material.

[..YouTube..] I know that & he wrote some crazy shit into this last season.

There is no doubt that he contributed some of the most amazing material but in interviews for when the middle of S8 was struggling with the not-so-great-material, he made some pretty lame excuses for why they weren’t having as great a season.

Either way, that comment was in anger. I don’t hate him

[..YouTube..] @WatchMyAwesomeVideos Good, cause I like him lol. When were they struggling with not so great material? (just curious). I personally wasn’t crazy about the whole Jack on a rampage theme.

[..YouTube..] They made Renee unpleasant to be around, the Islamic terrorists were not scary & just rip-offs of the Muslims from Season 4 except not done well.

The action near the end & Dana Walsh being a traitor was good but before that, it was just so much hell in a handbasket that it wasn’t fun to watch anymore.

Also, Kim Bauer was even dumber then before & there wasn’t as many Presidential scenes & I hated how Pres. Taylor turned to the dark side & Charle Logan got captured again. Did he ever learn?

[..YouTube..] @WatchMyAwesomeVideos I didn’t like dark Renee either. And I didn’t like how they changed president Taylor either. And Logan, something about his involvement was a little off. But I liked Kim’s return, and the granddaughter. I liked Jack finally getting some action lmao, and I liked Chloe becoming the head of CTU and how she got Jack to come out of his killer mode, and their emotional goodbye at the end. But that’s just me.

[..YouTube..] Yeah, I liked how Chloe pulled a gun on those dumbass technicians who wouldn’t listen to common sense & how the jackass Boss at CTU finally believed her, stepped down,etc.Yeah, the ending was good but I still hated how he had to go dark & all of a sudden is able to run again.Logan steals the show anyday but he acted like he had never been captured by Bauer before which is stupid
Kim did something for the show but here she was dumb again like never before. They didn’t do anything w/ granddaughter