Howard Gordon on 24 movie

Howard Gordon was interviewed about the upcoming second season of his great Showtime series Homeland and the 24 movie. Skip to 2:25 for the 24 stuff if you don’t want any Homeland spoilers – have also written a transcript below.

We were racing to get this thing done. And Kiefer is out promoting Touch. And we’ve got a script that we all finally really liked, and we were talking to directors. And it was all coming together, but it was kind of a run and gun [with Touch]. And to just sort of jam it in, we all felt at the last minute, it wasn’t… It just didn’t feel right to rush, we all feel so strong about this project that we wanted to do it right. But we are very committed to keeping it alive and to doing it hopefully next cycle when Kiefer next gets a break, next year.


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Thanks for the transcript !! and the good news !

They’re probably correct in pushing it back until next year, make sure it’s done right and not rushed, with a mid-February 2014 release probably the best bet for Jack Bauer’s big screen debut now, just let’s hope FOX are willing to give it the money it needs to be done correctly, I think the $45m mentioned is a pretty reasonable budget to begin with to see what kind of audience is out there for a potential ’24’ movie trilogy…