Howard Gordon on 24 movie: “we have a window”

24 showrunner Howard Gordon was interviewed on Good Day LA and of course was asked about the movie.

“The movie is just a little premature to announce it, but I think we’re all marching in that direction. There’s a script. And it’ll have to happen after Kiefer wraps on Touch. So we have a window and I hope you hear something soon.”

Source Good Day LA

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They certainly do have a window, and a pretty tight one at that! If the ’24’ movie DOESN’T start filming when expected, they’ll either have less time to shoot it than they would like, or – HORROR OF HORRORS! – the whole thing is postponed until next year, but I think the latter option is highly unlikely, considering all parties involved really want the movie to be shot (and probably released) this year.

Between both Kiefer and Howard Gordons’s statements, it sounds like they’re pushing ahead with the film, even though they haven’t hired a director as yet, but other aspects like cast and crew selection are happening behind the scene regardless, but they REALLY need to get a director on board pretty swiftly if they want production to commence in mid-late April as planned…