Video Tour of CTU New York with 24’s Katee Sackhoff

YouTube Link: 24’s Katee Sackhoff set visit with TV Guide Magazine! Behind the scenes of the new 24 set!


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[..YouTube..] She’s so fabulous…hopefully her character turns around soon (and isn’t so lame) I still love Katee though!

[..YouTube..] lol, cheat on the daily basis

[..YouTube..] i only started watching 24 because katee is on it, and i have to say, i’m less than happy with her new character. i’m still waiting for dana to flip out and kick some ass, all “starbuck” style. (sigh)

[..YouTube..] Wow, the CTU set has changed A LOT over the years!

[..YouTube..] She’s a terrorist!

[..YouTube..] the table was soft when jack banged her head on it! lol.

[..YouTube..] @tonyAJ420 Please, don’t spoil! :(

[..YouTube..] Awesome, her crack about Freddie and Sarah.

[..YouTube..] Awesome, her crack about Freddie and Sarah.