24 Season 8 Preview from Comic-Con 2009

Here’s the complete sneak preview video show during the 24 panel at Comic-Con 2009 that was bootlegged by a fan in attendance. In this clip we get our first glimpse at the stunning new CTU set designed by Carlos Barbosa.

via PokemonLuverr / YouTube


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[..YouTube..] are you ready? 10 mins till!!!!!!!!!!!!

[..YouTube..] This new season sucks, its like watered down dumb.

[..YouTube..] 2 words: anil kapoor

[..YouTube..] he’s dead

[..YouTube..] i would say yes carlos bernard recently did an interview saying that their was room to bring back tony and im almost positve he will be back probably wont happen until the end of the season but i mean they already brought him back from the dead so at least it would be more believable than that

[..YouTube..] DAAAAAM IT !!! :X::X:X:X

[..YouTube..] i don’t get it. they say season 7 and season 8 are closely related. But where is Tony, he is not even in the poster of the main crew in season 8. and more importantly where is the so called “leader” of the unknown organization they captured in the finale last season.. they haven’t solve that yet and now they created a new crisis.. weird

[..YouTube..] i say few years has pass b4 season 7

[..YouTube..] @shauhwa they say its a few weeks apart from day 7 so they obvs solved it then

[..YouTube..] obviously you ignore the fact that they use the term “closely related to season 7” in their trailer for season 8

[..YouTube..] My name is Geoffery Wickander. I am a special agent of the British secret service. My partner is a miniature puffin named RicardoLopezo, who connects with me pshychically. I have killed thirty-seven-thousand people. Dang Misfires!. Turns out, they were all on my side. My commander, a chichuaha named Chinchilla the Destroyer, has removed me from active duty after I nuked every single city in North America, Russia, and Mongolia. Sadly, the Destroyer was found dead with a fork in his neck.

[..YouTube..] One thing makes me laugh about this show. You always hear them say…”it’s for the good of the country”. they bend more rules then the catholic church for the so called “good of the country”…Bauer has no problem bending the rules as long as it’s to his advantage!!!

[..YouTube..] ProvenFast,com/24 is currently showing the newest season, anyone else love this storyline?

[..YouTube..] are you a retarded wtf is that stupid

[..YouTube..] dude, I was just joking. Calm down.

[..YouTube..] @myclassmate

Am I a retarded? No, I can’t say that I am a retarded.

[..YouTube..] Darn, you cut of Katee Sackhoff….

[..YouTube..] Trailer, don’t you mean scene from season 8/spoiler?

[..YouTube..] This is awful, hd? how about a steaming pile of horse manure. If it’s not HD why would you write it? Perhaps you want some cheap hits. I watched other crap quality trailers, but at least they didn’t claim it to be 1080 hd.

[..YouTube..] @weixiaotiffy but how bad days can one guy have?

[..YouTube..] what happened with jack at the last seconds..when chloe is crying? is he dead?

[..YouTube..] @weixiaotiffy It’s already been announced season 8 is the final season. Real shame.

[..YouTube..] @24fourtwenty

you can go on fox and watch the last episode. it’d be a shame for us to spoil it for you

[..YouTube..] kiefer sutherland’s contract has ended. He has confirmed that there will not be any more 24… BUT there just MIGHT come out a movie. Not confirmed but possible.

[..YouTube..] come on, fox. come back 24. :((

[..YouTube..] just wish jack could get a happy ending for once :(