24 Season 8 Premiere

24 Season 8 Premiere Ratings

Ratings for the first two hours of the premiere are in: The return of “24” and a special preview of Fox’s new drama “Human Target” generated solid preliminary numbers Sunday night, though both earned less than previous benchmarks. The two-hour “24” opener was seen by 11.4 million and enjoyed a hefty 3.8 rating, though that’s… View Article

24 Scenemakers 8×01: Rocket Fire

Here is the first Scenemakers (behind the scenes videos) of 24 Season 8, showing how the helicopter explosion was done for the premiere with director Brad Turner.

Kiefer Sutherland and Benito Martinez filming 24 Season 8 premiere

Benito Martinez talks about playing Victor Aruz in 24 Season 8 Premiere

Zap2It’s Kate O’Hare spoke with Benito Martinez, who played Victor Aruz in the 24 Season 8 premiere. In the opening hour of Sunday’s 8th-season premiere of Fox’s “24,” wounded informant Victor Aruz (Benito Martinez) shows up at the New York City front door of briefly retired Counter Terrorist Unit operative Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland). He’s… View Article

Rob Weiss, Allison Taylor, and Omar Hassan at the United Nations in 24 Season 8 premiere

Entertainment Weekly 24 Season 8 review

Entertainment Weekly’s Ken Tucker has reviewed the 24 season 8 premiere, scoring it a B. The New York edition of 24 begins when the president of the fictional country of Kamistan, Omar Hassan (Slumdog Millionaire‘s Anil Kapoor), is interrupted in his peace talks with our president (a cheery Cherry Jones) by an assassination threat. Kiefer… View Article

John Boyd as CTU analyst Arlo Glass in 24 Season 8

The Live Feed reviews 24 Season 8 premiere

The first four hours of Fox’s “24” are a welcome return to form. The veteran drama, which shifts to New York City this season, has just enough tweaks on the show’s familiar “conspiracy-complication-minor resolution-deeper conspiracy-bigger complication…” format to feel fresh despite its well-worn mechanics. I mocked Freddie Prinze Jr. when THR first reported he was… View Article

Jack Bauer in New York for the 24 Season 8 Premiere

24 Season 8 Episodes 1 and 2 Press Release

NEW DAY. NEW THREAT. NEW YORK. JACK BAUER BEGINS ANOTHER ASTONSHING DAY ON THE SEASON PREMIERE OF “24” SUNDAY, JANUARY 17, ON FOX Part 2 of the 2-Night, 4-Hour Season Premiere Airs Tomorrow Night Set in New York City, Jack Bauer is unwillingly drawn back into action just as President Allison Taylor negotiates international security… View Article

Dana Walsh and Chloe O'Brian in the 24 Season 8 premiere

Brief premiere impressions from EW’s Ken Tucker

24 (premieres Jan. 17, Fox) Jack is in Manhattan. Guess what else is there? You are correct: a terrorist threat. So is Freddie Prinze, Jr. No, that’s not a threat — he’s actually good, at least in the first four hours I’ve seen. And Katee Sackhoff, in the sort of high heels Battlestar Galactica geeks… View Article

Mykelti Williamson as Brian Hastings in the 24 Season 8 premiere

24 Season 8 Premiere impressions by Matt Mitovitch

Any early thoughts on the new season of ‘24‘? – David As I raved on Facebook, there’s nary a clinker in the first four hours as Season 8 gets off to a solid start. That said, Mykelti Williamson’s Brian Hastings has got to be one of the most dense CTU directors in ‘24′ history; I… View Article

Jack Bauer resting in the 24 Season 8 premiere

Eight Things Jack Bauer Should Know for 24’s 8th Season

As you prepare to embark on your eighth action-packed day, TVGuide.com thought it wise — after looking into your future (i.e. the first four episodes of 24‘s Season 8 ) — to pass on a little advice. 1. Remember to cherish your friends: Chloe O’Brian (Mary Lynn Rajskub) has put her job — and sometimes… View Article

Jack Bauer in the 24 Season 8 premiere episode

Matt Mitovich Teases 24 Season 8 Premiere

Fancast’s Matt Webb Mitovich has seen the 24 premiere and gives out some intriguing teases. Sounds like an action-packed intense first episode. When is the ‘24‘ premiere going to be on? – frednow via Twitter Jack Bauer’s next very bad day kicks off with a two-night, four-hour premiere on Sunday, January 17 (a rare occasion… View Article

Cliff Simon as Russian Sniper in 24 Season 8 Premiere

24 season 8 cast update – Cliff Simon and Akbar Kurtha

You may have been watching the newly released 24 trailer and wondering which actor plays this frequently seen sniper: That would be none other than Cliff Simon, best known for portraying Ba’al in Stargate SG-1. The official Cliff Simon fansite has his character listed as “Russian Sniper” with an appearance in the first episode of… View Article

Paul Wesley Returns in 24 Season 8 Premiere

For now maybe, but things are on the up for the actor. And next year, he’ll also appear in “24’s” two-hour season premiere, after filming several episodes as the husband of Jack Bauer’s daughter, Kim, played by Elisha Cuthbert. “It was a pleasure to work on the show because it’s such a prestigious show and… View Article

Stefan Kapicic finishes shooting 24

Actor Stefan Kapicic has just posted on his official websites blog and Twitter that he has finished shooting his part on 24, along with a picture of him posing with Kiefer Sutherland. Source: Official Stefan Kapicic website