24 Season 8 Recap: Episodes 1 and 2 (4:00PM-6:00PM)

Looks like FOX will be doing animated comedic recaps this year unlike the more traditional ones they did with Season 7. Here’s the first of the series.

YouTube Link: For Your Eyes Only: 24 Recap 4:00PM – 6:00PM


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[..YouTube..] ha!

[..YouTube..] Vastly funnier than I thought it’d be ;)
Awesome job!

[..YouTube..] what kind of milk !!!!?! 2% or fat free!!???!

[..YouTube..] nice work:-)))

[..YouTube..] fun 5 out 5

[..YouTube..] BEST season yet.

[..YouTube..] that looked like some good strudel O_o

[..YouTube..] Absolutely hilarious!

[..YouTube..] Atom RoFL

[..YouTube..] Jack bauer watches Fox News?! NOOOOOOOOOOO

[..YouTube..] made Me laugh

[..YouTube..] AWESOME!!! CTU Nightclub!!! :) I thought the same thing!!!

[..YouTube..] priceless. Well Done : )

[..YouTube..] This video made me laugh so hard!
I love 24 cant wait to see the rest of it on Fox

[..YouTube..] Great voice-over work. Really funny stuff. I don’t even watch 24 and I liked this.

[..YouTube..] LOL Awesome!

[..YouTube..] Am I a bad person for enjoying this more than the actual show?

[..YouTube..] Teri is soo sweet! :D Cant wait for next monday!

[..YouTube..] oh gawd this made me laugh so hard……
that girl could pout through a brick wall


[..YouTube..] The CTU Nightclub – just awesome

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