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Adoni Maropis interviewed by Birmingham News

’24’ fans may not know his name, but they know Adoni Maropis’ face TELEVISON The father came to Los Angeles to visit his middle son, who, after years of being the struggling actor, had just hit the jackpot on one of the hottest shows on TV. Petro Maropis, the proud papa, wanted to take his… View Article

Adoni Maropis as Abu Fayed in 24 Season 6

Adoni Maropis discusses Abu Fayed in NY Post

ADONI Maropis, the actor who plays this season’s supervillain on “24” is drawing on some real-life experience to play the role: His own father was seriously wounded in a terrorist attack. Maropis was 10 years-old, and home in Pittsburgh in August 1973 when he learned his father had survived an attack by two terrorists who… View Article

Adoni Maropis 24

Adoni Maropis talks to Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Actor Adoni Maropis plays one of the baddest bad guys on television. Originally from Burgettstown, he’s the terrorist slicing at “24’s” Jack Bauer. “I love my character. The guy comes from a deep, passionate place,” says Maropis. “He feels righteous. He has strong beliefs about how the world should be, and he has a vendetta… View Article

Adoni Maropis talks Abu Fayed

Why we love to hate him After the five truly bad days Jack Bauer has been through — not to mention his recent two-year stint in a Chinese prison — it takes a hell of a guy to rattle our unflappable hero. Enter Abu Fayed, who proves his multitasking prowess in the Jan. 14 season… View Article