Adoni Maropis talks to Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Adoni Maropis 24
Adoni Maropis plays Abu Fayed in 24 Season 6

Actor Adoni Maropis plays one of the baddest bad guys on television. Originally from Burgettstown, he’s the terrorist slicing at “24’s” Jack Bauer.

“I love my character. The guy comes from a deep, passionate place,” says Maropis. “He feels righteous. He has strong beliefs about how the world should be, and he has a vendetta against Jack Bauer.”

Maropis says the terrorist he portrays isn’t so different from the rest of us.

” We all have this dark side in us,” he said “You have it, my mother has it. When you have women strapping bombs to themselves and going to kindergartens and grade schools and holding kids hostage, anybody can do that. Anybody who’s pushed to the edge.”

Maropis says that while art may reflect life on TV, the increase in TV torture parallels the lifting of other restrictions.

“We couldn’t say ‘hell’ or ‘ass’ on TV either,” he says. “But now we can.”

Source Pittsburgh Post-Gazette