Anne Packard

Wendy Crewson in Who Loves the Sun

Backstage interviews Wendy Crewson about Anne Packard role

Jenelle Riley of Backstage.com has interviewed new 24 cast member Wendy Crewson who plays Dr Anne Packard in the third season. Who she is: The elegant and stunning Wendy Crewson has made a career out of playing smart, strong women thriving in a man’s world. In America she is probably best-known as the no-nonsense wife… View Article

Wendy Crewson as Anne Packard in 24 Season 3

24’s Wendy Crewson interviewed by Zap2It

Extracting information from a cast member of “24” about the show’s plot is a little bit like tracking down a picture of Britney Spears with her midriff covered. It can be done, but it takes a while. For instance, here’s what Wendy Crewson, who joins the show in Tuesday’s (Oct. 28) season premiere, has to… View Article