Network 24

Network 24 was the name of FOX’s official site for 24 Season 8. Cast and crew members would post official blogs every couple of days, sometimes containing video interviews. You can check out an archive of all Network 24 posts below.

Producer Michael Klick

Network 24 Blog: Managing the Mayhem

Interview by Geoff Aull: Michael Klick, the Producer of 24, is one of the original crew members going all the way back to Season 1. Having been here since the beginning, he’s come to know the show well. Now, he manages everything that happens here, from the miniscule to the massive. This season, Michael’s not… View Article

John Boyd Network 24 Interview

Network 24 Blog: Arlo and The Drones

Tonight we’re talking with John Boyd, the actor who plays Arlo Glass, a systems analyst and the Drone Operator at CTU. While Arlo the character can seem somewhat sardonic and immature from time to time, John Boyd, the actor who plays him, is friendly, clever and understated. John was working primarily in New York in… View Article

Network 24 Blog: Controlled Chaos: The Life Of A Stunt Coordinator

Welcome back for another round of 24 blogging. Tonight, I’m presenting part of a special one-on-one interview with Jeff Cadiente, a seasoned Hollywood stunts professional and the Stunt Coordinator here on 24. Shauna and I were able to sit down with Jeff in our office and talk casually for a while.

Mary Lynn Rajskub's dog Emmy

Network 24 Blog: Mary Lynn’s Emmy

Mary Lynn has a dog, Emmy, named after the Emmy “24” won for Season 5. Here they are together on set in between takes: And what follows is a reenactment of a great Chloe / Jack scene from Episode 2 from tonight’s premiere. Emmy plays Chloe and Jack is played by our Assistant Director Nicole’s… View Article

Network 24 Blog: The Power of Bauer

Network 24 Blog post by Shauna McGarry: It’s almost Premiere Night of Season 8! Two full hours of Bauer. It’s been too long, dear friend. Tons of friends and family have told me they’re watching Sunday. It’s a politically relevant, exciting premise this season so I hope you’ll all tune in. I’m always interested in… View Article

Network 24 Blog – A New Day: Season 8 Begins

Network 24 Blog Post by Geoff Aull: Welcome 24 fans to Season 8! We’re thrilled to have you back for another year of 24! This season, we find Jack Bauer in New York, enjoying life as a grandfather. He’s finally found peace and is ready to move out west to California to spend the rest… View Article