Network 24 Blog: The Power of Bauer

Network 24 Blog post by Shauna McGarry:

It’s almost Premiere Night of Season 8! Two full hours of Bauer. It’s been too long, dear friend.

Tons of friends and family have told me they’re watching Sunday. It’s a politically relevant, exciting premise this season so I hope you’ll all tune in. I’m always interested in hearing from friends why they like the show.

Is it that you get to experience an hour of thrills and nail-biting anxiety and survive without any bruising thus working out some inner emotional dilemmas? Is it the real time conceit? The action? The nuanced cat and mouse stories? Jack’s blue eyes?

Sure, it’s all those things but I might venture to say that 24, like your favorite sweater, is also dependable. Now in the eighth season, is it too crazy if I declare that a loyal fan can rely on the show for making them feel almost cozy? And of course, I mean cozy in the most twisted, one man against the world, paranoid, chemically hazardous, gun-toting sort of way. But it’s nice to know there are certain things in life that one can count on… like Jack Bauer to save the world… again.

Maybe a “24” fan is just a person who appreciates a good, “A” game of serialized drama.

If we were to make a list of the go-to elements of 24, what would be on it?

Jack Bauer’s scratchy, loud demands. A car chase. A morally questionable political leader. Dark jackets. Guns. Terrorists. Rich, corrupt men. High stakes cell phone conversations. Bomb threats. Ambiguous life-threatening viruses.

And then, there’s my favorite…

Chloe O’Brian being weird and funny and the smartest player in the room.

I’ll be blogging about Chloe and the woman that plays her, Mary Lynn Rajskub, on premiere night. There might even be a video. Hope you come back. And I’m curious… what are your favorite go-to elements of 24?

I’ll see you here on Sunday.

Source: Network 24