Network 24 Blog – A New Day: Season 8 Begins

Network 24 Blog Post by Geoff Aull:

Welcome 24 fans to Season 8! We’re thrilled to have you back for another year of 24!

This season, we find Jack Bauer in New York, enjoying life as a grandfather. He’s finally found peace and is ready to move out west to California to spend the rest of his years with his daughter, Kim, and his granddaughter, Teri. But Jack is invariably drawn back into the world of fighting terrorism when an old informant shows up on his doorstep with information about an assassination threat to President Omar Hassan of the Islamic Republic of Kamistan. President Allison Taylor is negotiating with President Hassan at the United Nations in an effort to dismantle the IRK’s dangerous nuclear weapons program and establish a permanent peace accord in the Middle East. But there are people who are trying to stop that from happening. And, once again, Jack Bauer will be called upon to stop terror in its tracks.

And to keep you up to speed as the season unfolds, we’ll be here blogging about each episode and what goes in to making them. Now, a little bit about the people writing to you here. We are Geoff Aull and Shauna McGarry, the Script Coordinators here on 24.

But this year, we’ll be playing an additional role to our regular jobs. We’ll be your guides throughout this season as the authors of the Official 24 Blog. We’ll be giving you a true behind-the-scenes look at what it’s like to work in the world of 24, everything from star trailers, prop guns, explosions, wardrobe, makeup and story. Our goal in this blog is to give you a glimpse into the 24 family, the great crew we have here working on two different soundstages, and a more in-depth look at what goes on behind-the-scenes.

Also, you can start sending us questions for the cast and crew by posting them in the Comments section and we’ll try to get you answers.

Once again, thanks for joining us here and stay tuned for more!

Source: Network 24