Paul Blackthorne

Paul Blackthorne

Paul Blackthorne’s most memorable ’24’ moment

On season 3 of “24” you made a big impression with your portrayal of the grim and unapologetic Stephen Saunders. What do you remember best from that time? Running down the dry LA riverbed to my getaway helicopter then seeing it explode as fighter jets fly overhead was quite memorable! And working with Kiefer [Sutherland]… View Article

Paul Blackthorne interviewed by Sci-Fi Online

Apart from the money, what was it that attracted you to the role of Stephen Saunders in 24? Paul Blackthorne: [Laugh] Apart from the money? Actually the money is always the last thing I think about. I’d never seen 24 before, but I think the nature and quality of the show and the people you… View Article

Paul Blackthorne as Stephen Saunders in 24

’24’ Fans Love to Hate Villain Paul Blackthorne

“They are lunatics, aren’t they? Absolute lunatics.” That’s what English actor Paul Blackthorne has to say about the fans of “24.” But it’s clear from his voice that he means it in the nicest possible way. The feeling’s probably not mutual considering he plays the dashing, yet despicable Stephen Saunders — the terrorist brain behind… View Article

Paul Blackthorne

Paul Blackthorne cast as former British special agent in 24 Season 3

British actor Paul Blackthorne has booked recurring roles on NBC’s “ER” and Fox’s “24,” as well as a deal to star in an ABC pilot targeted for fall. On “ER,” Blackthorne will play a surgeon. The role reunites the actor with John Wells, the venerable medical drama’s executive producer. Last season, Blackthorne starred in Wells’… View Article