24 Season 8 Expanded Soundtrack

24 Season 8 Expanded Soundtrack
24 Season 8 Expanded Soundtrack by Thalin

Credit to Thalin for ripping these tracks and making them available. Author description:

These are rips, so there is some light SFX in certain tracks. However, my extraction and editing methods have cut down on the amount, and main voices have been completely removed without any loss of quality. I’ve done my best to touch up some of the tracks where necessary.

All thanks go of course to Sean Callery, for his outstanding work!

24 Season 8 Expanded Soundtrack Listing

24 Season 8 Expanded Soundtrack Disc 1

  1. CTU New York
  2. File 33
  3. A Helping Hand
  4. Cop Killer
  5. Hassan’s Theme
  6. The Russian Mob
  7. A Dark Place
  8. Tarin’s Escape
  9. The Burial
  10. The Drones
  11. Vladamir
  12. The Nuclear Rods
  13. The Arrest
  14. Renee’s Arrival
  15. The Hitter
  16. Jenny Scott
  17. Hazmat
  18. The Corrupt World
  19. Family Ties
  20. The Russian Involvement
  21. Ernst Meier
  22. High Voltage
  23. Going Dark
  24. Renee’s Grief
  25. Dalia’s Theme
  26. The Price of Peace

24 Season 8 Expanded Soundtrack Disc 2

  1. The Streets of New York Pt.1
  2. Time Lapse
  3. The Republic of Kamistan
  4. One Song
  5. Bishop
  6. The Court
  7. The Kiss
  8. The Sting Operation
  9. Jack’s Loss
  10. Black Ops
  11. The Grieving Widow
  12. Novacovich (sp)
  13. Logan’s Return
  14. Jack’s Confession
  15. Dana’s Escape
  16. Ricker’s Theme
  17. The Streets of New York Pt.2
  18. The Mask
  19. Allison’s Threat
  20. Tick, Tock
  21. The Signing
  22. Retribution
  23. Pull The Trigger!
  24. More Than A Friend
  25. Logan’s Demise
  26. The End

Total Playtime : 03:02:22

24 Season 8 Expanded Soundtrack Download

Where’d the download link go?
July 30, 2017 – Unfortunately Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation’s legal department has forced us to remove this unofficial fan soundtrack (and all other fan-made expanded soundtracks) claiming that it “creates consumer confusion” among other things. We respectfully disagree with these claims – none of these tracks were on the official soundtrack albums, and furthermore, there hasn’t been an official soundtrack release in nearly a decade. Nonetheless, we have complied with Fox’s demands and removed the download links. Apologies.

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