24 Season 6

Mike Doyle talks to Jack Bauer in 24 Season 6 Episode 20

24 Season 6 Episode 20 Press Release (1:00AM – 2:00AM)

JACK BAUER FIGHTS BACK AND CHLOE BREAKS ON “24” MONDAY, APRIL 30, ON FOX As the clock ticks closer to the final hours of Day Six, Jack Bauer copes with the consequences of taking matters into his own hands while Audrey endures what appears to be a post-traumatic reaction to being held captive. Emotions escalate… View Article

Kim Raver as Audrey Raines in 24 Season 6

USA Today interviews Kim Raver on Audrey Raines return

Jack Bauer’s personal life is as complicated as his professional life. After thwarting plans for detonating suitcase nukes in Monday’s episode, 24‘s action hero was hit with a staggering good news/bad news scenario: His true love, Audrey Raines (Kim Raver), is not dead, as he had been told, but is being held by his Chinese… View Article

Jack Bauer talks to Audrey Raines in 24 Season 6 Episode 19

24 Season 6 Episode 19 Press Release (12:00AM – 1:00AM)

PULSE-POUNDING CIRCUMSTANCES ESCALATE ON “24” MONDAY, APRIL 23, ON FOX Developments involving Jack Bauer and Agent Mike Doyle have CTU operatives and analysts scrambling to gain control of an intense situation. Vice President Daniels prepares to address the country while presidential advisor Tom Lennox participates in a personnel decision that will shake things up in… View Article

24 Season 6 Episode 18 Promo (11:00PM – 12:00AM)

Promo for 24 Season 6 Episode 18 (11:00 PM – 12:00 AM). Cheng has Audrey Raines kidnapped and demands the component. Jack asks Wayne Palmer to authorize the trade but he is hesitant because it’s a suicide mission. YouTube Link: 24 Season 6 Episode 18 Promo (thanks virginieb20)

Adoni Maropis interviewed by Birmingham News

’24’ fans may not know his name, but they know Adoni Maropis’ face TELEVISON The father came to Los Angeles to visit his middle son, who, after years of being the struggling actor, had just hit the jackpot on one of the hottest shows on TV. Petro Maropis, the proud papa, wanted to take his… View Article

24 Season 6 Episode 17 Promo (10:00PM – 11:00PM)

Promo for 24 Season 6 Episode 17 (10:00 PM – 11:00 PM). Wayne Palmer threatens the Ambassador with a missile strike. Abu Fayed is in custody and won’t talk so Buchanan suggests a different approach. Jack Bauer and Mike Doyle’s car is seemingly ambushed. YouTube Link: 24 Season 6 Episode 17 Promo

James Morrison interviewed by BuddyTV

I’m reading your bio, and it says you began your career working as a clown…is that true? (Laughs) Yeah, it’s true. I don’t know why you’d want to lie about a thing like that, but yeah, I started in the circus as a clown. I had done some acting before that in college and in… View Article

James Morrison as Bill Buchanan

James Morrison (Bill Buchanan) in New York Times

On the Fox drama “24” Bill Buchanan, the stoic, by-the-book chief of the Counter-Terrorism Unit, is the steady face of calm in a maelstrom of frantic activity. No matter what the crisis — exploding nuclear bombs, deadly virus attacks or political assassinations — Buchanan is a rock, and he remains unshaken as Jack Bauer and… View Article

President Wayne Palmer collapses during his press conference in 24 Season 6 Episode 18

24 Season 6 Episode 18 Press Release (11:00PM – 12:00AM)

JACK COPES WITH SHOCKING DEVELOPMENTS AND AN INTENSIFYING TERROR THREAT ON “24” MONDAY, APRIL 16, ON FOX After Jack Bauer and Agent Doyle team up in an attempt to prevent the advancement of the terror threat facing the country, Jack is jarred from an unforeseen development. Meanwhile, CTU shifts its focus as President Wayne Palmer… View Article

Jack Bauer hunts Fayed in 24 Season 6 Episode 17

24 Season 6 Episode 17 Press Release (10:00PM – 11:00PM)

JACK BAUER FACES OFF WITH FOE FAYED ON “24” MONDAY, April 9, ON FOX As the Administration resumes an offensive approach, they prepare for the unthinkable. Meanwhile, National Security Advisor Karen Hayes and her husband, CTU honcho Bill Buchanan, struggle with respective challenges while Jack Bauer and evildoer Fayed come face to face, which is… View Article