Reiko Aylesworth

Kiefer Sutherland Saved Reiko Aylesworth’s Life

KIEFER Sutherland saved the life of his sexy co-star after she fell over at a Hollywood party. Reiko Aylesworth, 31 — Michelle Dessler in BBC2 hit drama 24 — was knocked out after slipping on a spilt drink. She hit the back of her head on a wall and the front of her head on… View Article

24 Save LA Flash Game

24 “Can You Save LA?” Flash Game

FOX has put out a neat little Flash game on their website testing 24 fans skills. It’s just a simple puzzle matching memory game with a bit of a 24 theme. If you make two mistakes you will “trigger the bomb” and then have just twenty four seconds to solve it, so you’ll have to… View Article