Elisha Cuthbert

TV Guide Magazine trashes Elisha Cuthbert & Kim Bauer

Jeers to The Forgotten for adding Elisha Cuthbert to the cast in a recurring role. Yeah, that’s just what Christian Slater’s struggling ABC crime drama needs—the most annoying actress in 24 history (maybe her TV dad—and Slater’s old Young Guns costar—Kiefer Sutherland recommended her?). Cuthbert, who’ll also return to 24 in January (why?), will debut… View Article

TV Guide’s Matt Roush asks “Can 24 Live Without Jack?”

Question: 24 has been in the news lately due to its massive budget, including its well-paid main actor. I can understand the network needing to watch its budget, especially with a show that, while still performing well, is not pulling in the ratings it was a few years ago. Kiefer Sutherland has openly spoke about… View Article

Kiefer Sutherland is the highest-paid actor in a TV drama

Washington, Aug 7 (ANI): Charlie Sheen and Kiefer Sutherland have been named the top-earning actors on the small screen in the U.S. According to a new TV Guide magazine “Who Makes What”, Sheen rakes in 825,000 dollars per episode of his sitcom Two and a Half Men, reports Contactmusic. Sutherland leads the drama list, pocketing… View Article

Gary Newman, Dana Walden, and Kiefer Sutherland

Fox chairman Gary Newman looking to extend 24 beyond season 8

Fox studio chairman Gary Newman has stated that they’d like to find a way to extend 24 beyond the eighth season, suggesting that the series could continue “in some slightly altered form”. How many times can Jack Bauer defeat terrorists? It’s a question on the minds of fans as they await the finale of the… View Article

Kim Raver Photoshoot

Here are some pictures of 24‘s Kim Raver from a photoshoot. Images removed after being notified who they were from. Please visit the excellent photographer Jacques Beneich.

Marc Ostrick

Marc Ostrick looks back on 24: Conspiracy

Marc Ostrick has done a blog post looking back on his work for 24: Conspiracy. One of the things I quickly learned once I started producing and directing after NYU, is that finding work is a mixture of talent, tenacity and luck (and not specifically in that order). The other lesson is that good work… View Article

Mary Lynn Rajskub is Pregnant

Congrats to Mary Lynn! Mary Lynn Rajskub, who plays computer whiz Chloe O’Brian on Fox’s 24, is pregnant, she tells PEOPLE. Rajskub, 36, and her live-in boyfriend Matthew Rolph, 27, a personal trainer, are expecting their first child at the end of the summer. “With the strike going on, I had to keep busy!” Rajskub… View Article

Torture like Jack Bauer’s would be OK, Bill Clinton says

WASHINGTON – What the nation needs is some good Jack Bauer agents, says Bill Clinton. Bill and Hillary Clinton apparently no longer think torture has a place in U.S. policy, but Bubba sure hopes a “24”-style cowboy steps up if someone ever nabs a terrorist who knows a bomb is about to blow. “If you’re… View Article

24 Energy Drink

24 Energy Drink Coming to Europe

20th Century Fox has secured a deal with Cott Corporation to produce an exclusive 24-CTU branded stimulation drink. This is the first time that a product within the growing energy drinks sector has been created around an entertainment property. The drink will be produced in a regular and diet version in a large 440ml can…. View Article

Antonin Scalia

Justice Scalia Defends Jack Bauer

The Globe and Mail reported that Scalia came to the defense of Jack Bauer and his torture tactics during an Ottawa conference of international jurists and national security officials last week. During a panel discussion about terrorism, torture and the law, a Canadian judge remarked, “Thankfully, security agencies in all our countries do not subscribe… View Article

Edgar Stiles dying in 24 Season 5

The Simpsons producers planned to kill Edgar Stiles

iF Magazine has interviewed The Simpsons executive producer Al Jean and got a little tidbit from the upcoming 24 parody episode they have planned (airing in two weeks on May 20th). iF: You’re doing a 24 parody as well, do you kill off a Springfield character? JEAN: We talked about having Edgar from 24 coming… View Article

24 Producers send South Park Studios a suitcase nuke

THE HIT TV SHOW, “24” JUST SENT US, THE HIT TV SHOW, “SOUTH PARK”, A SUITCASE NUKE! A SUITCASE NUKE!!!!! Most of us are huge “24” fans. Let me tell you from personal experience, there is nothing in the world like running through the office with a nuclear device! NOTHING!! Cell phone cameras were out… View Article