Contest: Win 24 Special Ops for iPhone/iPod Touch!

In celebration of the eighth season of 24, we have partnered with game developer Digital Chocolate to give away ten copies of their game 24: Special Ops for the iPhone and iPod Touch!

Step into Jack Bauer’s shoes and experience hands-on ‘24’ action. In a suspense packed 24 hours you’ll be taken to the edge of disaster- it’s up to you to make a difference. Feel your heart racing as you live through the ultimate Jack Bauer adventure with in-the-field combat combined with code breaking, bomb defusing and car chasing.

To enter, simply leave a comment below stating your favorite season of 24. That’s all – easy, right? The winners will be emailed a 24: Special Ops iTunes redeem code which will allow you to download the game for free.

Winners will be chosen at random on Sunday January 10th. Good luck!

UPDATE 1/10: This contest is now over, congratulations to the ten winners: Jennifer, Alexandra W, ghorn88, hydnic, Christiana N, Julie, Marco G, Brandi C, Margaret P, and Jasmin J. Check your emails for the codes. And many thanks to Rebecca at Digital Chocolate for making this possible.


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I liked Season 7 the best because it was the first season that featured strong female characters – Allison Taylor and Renee Walker. Also because Carlos Bernard is a total hunk!

Season 7, never knew what was around the next corner. :)

I love 24 to pick one season!! Season 7!! I have dreams about Kiefer!! rescue me!!

I love season 3 its simply amazing!!!

Season 4 was the best season, I’ll never forget the opening episode, episode 6 and the ending. In those episodes Jack came back and went again.

I love all seasons but my favorite is Season 7. The story was gripping, the characters were great. 24 at its finest.

My favorite season has to be season 5!! Martha & Charles Logan kept me on the edge of my seat the whole season. By the finale I needed a increase in my bp meds.

Season 3 is the best! Chapelle’s death is the best moment in the whole series.

I likes season one best because it was ground breaking and new with a whole new concept for a TV show.

Season 4 it had the best action scenes like Heller getting rescued.

I love season 5. The beggining is just shocking and to find out that Logan is the bad guy was amazing. Also I believe is the season to have the best cast, Gregory Itzin and Jean Smart were amazing.

I’d like to say Season 7, but I think Season 1 barely edges it out. Not that the seasons following lost their uniqueness, but the first season was so good because the style of the show was still so new. Who doesn’t love the first time they realized Jack Bauer could kick their dad’s butt?

I loved Season 4 the best. It was Jack striking out in so many areas yet remaining in control.

Every one is special in it’s own right but season one because Jack is most vulnerable and less hardened in his life

Give me S5. Great season. Unfortunately, Michelle was killed off. But President Logan was a great villain. Tremendous stuff.

Premiere season of 24 (s1) – What a roller-coaster ride since then

Last season, the 7th, was my fave because it was my first! I never realized what I was missing! Once I started watching I could not stop! Now I have been a fan of Kiefer for a long time and when I saw him as Jack I knew only he could play that part. I am a junkie now and have been jonesin’ for a year! It was hard for me when 24 ended.
Now I watch every promo, see every pic and anything else I can get my hands on for Season 8!
I also love the fact there is a woman president on the show! I would love to see one in office for real. Maybe someday.
I love my iTouch and would love to have an app that would let me be Jack and feel that adrenaline rush! I am an adrenaline junkie for sure! I love driving as well!

My favorite season was the first one!

Season 5 was by far my most favorite season. It was phenomenal. I think it was the only season (aside from season 4) where the main story and the subplots seemed to mesh together well and keep fans on the edge of their seats…and of course, the 1st 10 minutes of season 5 alone was enough to reel you in…

Season 4 is my favorite!!! It was really awesome! Everyone in there were my favorite; Jack, Audrey, Tony, Michelle, Chloe and Edgar!!!! Jack Bauer will always save the day!!!

Season 1 was definitely the best. It paved the way for every single season to follow. Not to mention it had Terri, Nina, President Palmer, and of course Dennis Hopper playing Victor Drazen! “Jack Jack!!”

I love all the seasons, but I think season 3 may have been my favorite. Ask me tomorrow, and that may change. :-)

24: best show ever…

Season 1 was the groundbreaker, but season 5 was excellent for the twists and turns: The murders of Palmer & Dressler to start the show, the devastating attack on CTU, the Logan arrest, and finally, Jack’s kidnapping all made for an emotional rollercoaster!

Season 5! President Logan is the villain you love to hate.

Gotta go with season 5.

Jasmin Jakobsen
January 4, 2010 at 10:30 pm
My favorite season is 7 thanks to a certain redhead named Annie wersching! :)

Season 7 was my favorite. The villians were great and the new characters like Renee, Taylor, and Larry were great. I’ll never see the episode where Jack breaks Tony out of the FBI enough times. Probably one of my all-time favorite episodes!

Its a tough choice, but I love seasons 4, 5, and 7. I really like season 4 because of the relationship between Jack and Audrey and then in season 5, I loved that they brought Audrey back and gave her a more powerful role in the season and more of a reason to be there. But then in Season 7 I LOVE Renee and how much of a powerful character she was. I loved how you knew there was something between her and Larry but you never got the full story. Also I love how she was torn between doing things right or doing things the Jack way, it helped so much to give her character more reason. And I can not wait to see her and how she has changed in season 8!

Seasons 5 and 7

5: one of my favorite plot wise
7: renee walker nuff said

My fav season is season 7. I got to watch them film when they came to D.C.

I’m in. :)
Favorite? Season 1

Brandon Bohonek
January 4, 2010 at 11:17 pm
My favorite season of 24 is season 4. Can’t wait for season 8!

Alexandra Williamson
January 4, 2010 at 11:36 pm
Season Five was by far the best season. Charles Logan was an excellent antagonist and the subplot involving Martha Logan was a nice distraction when Jack’s storyline became too stressful.

Season 7, for the DC setting, Renee Walker, and other great cast members as well as plots.

season 7!!!

Day 1! Events occur in real time…

Season 5 was my absolutely favourite! :D

Season 3 was too good. So much happened that there was not a minute to relax and no way to blink!

It’s really hard to decide between Seasons 5 and 7, because both of them rocked like hell! So I’d say Season 5 AND 7…

Has to be Season 1!! You can’t mess with the one that started it all

floor van nimmerdor
January 5, 2010 at 8:34 am
This is very hard, to pick an all time favorite season. Season 1 was what started it all, what gave the show it’s edge and it’s signature… Season 5 is my favorite, if I have to pick one.

I think season 5 is the best.

Season 5, hands down. I know, very cliche’, but Gregory Itzin as Charles Logan? Simply brilliant.

Still Season 5, the music, the drama, the attack on the airport and the shopping mall, loved every second dammit!!

Season 2, because it really built on what was set on the groundbreaking Season 1.
Rest in Peace, George Mason!

Picking a favorite season is like picking your favorite child – not easy at all. So how about permutations of the odd years – 1,3,5 & 7.

S1 definitely is the first love. My rose colored glasses view of it will never be diminished despite its obvious flaws which will forever remain mostly obscured by those rose colored glasses.

The first 7 hours of S3 (sting arc) remain my favorite consecutive stretch of episodes ever. The Chandler Plaza arc and Jack’s heart-breaking decision to return to CTU as the season ends remain seared in my brain.

S5 had the best top to bottom casting and acting of any season and the strongest non-Jack plot line (and yes, I’m including Palmer’s arc in S1). It was criminal they didn’t win the SAG for best ensemble. And Jack confronting both the idea and the reality of Logan, in stark and defined counterpoint to the idea of the Palmer presidency and the reality of Jack’s and Palmer’s relationship was both well constructed and portrayed.

S7 – Great new characters: The Taylors, Renee, Larry & Hodges. But above all, the Tony/Jack arc. I think the twist was brilliant both in its planning and execution. I had absolutely no trouble seeing Tony’s arc in S7 as being completely consistent in terms of connecting to the Tony we first met in S1.

Tony always let his emotions get in the way, and because of that, he’s not as good, I think, he was never as good at his job as Jack was.

I’ve never seen Jack as ActionJack, some kind of Captain America or superhero. While, unlike Tony, he has been able put his emotions away in the name of duty, it has come at enormous personal cost; Jack carries the emotional (and physical) consequences of his actions to the very core of his being. That never made Jack “better” than Tony. They are both deeply flawed.

Tony was never tempermentally suited to the job and, thus, was never as
successful. But, he’s really been the person 99+% of us would be if placed in the same situations, creating a Maginot line that’s too easily crossed in terms of not being able to separate the person from the duty, to ignore the individual for the group. And because it can actually be easier for some to project themselves as being Tony, it may be more painful to observe the consequences of the psychic break (Hodges isn’t the only one) Tony has suffered. No one wants to believe or imagine something like that could happen to them. Yet we know that in real life, it does.

Jack’s tragic flaw is that, in the moment, he could separate the two. But the personal consequences of his professional actions left him bereft and isolated. And wasn’t it significant, shown in a truly deliberate way by the writers, that Jack’s very life was in jeopardy in large part because of his decision to cross the line and weigh in (for one of the few times) on behalf of the individual? The dominoes that began falling and resulted in Jack’s becoming infected started when Jack put aside the mission to save the life of the security guard, who had been shown not to be an innocent. He made the choice that we all could have seen Tony making in the past…….. and watched while Tony now argued against it.

So…. maybe, right now. S7 is my favorite child.

Christiana Naziris
January 5, 2010 at 12:03 pm
Oh, so difficult to pick, but although the critics didn’t like it- I’ll have to say Season 6- because of all the things that happened to Jack- oh, poor, poor Jack. Just came back from 2 years of torture in China and he is immediately handed over for more torture. He then thinks Audrey is dead, then finds out she is alive- risks everything to save her- realises she is not well- then not allowed to see her- goes anyway- realises that it really is best to let her be- sooooooooooooo sad. And all of this while his Brother and Father are working against him!

My favorite 24 season would have to be season 3 because the whole thing was just amazing, suspenseful, and you never knew what was going to happen next. I also loved that mostly every chacater at the time was involved and played a big role. Overall it is by far my favorite season.

My favorite season is season 5. Gregory Itzin and Jean Smart really helped the season a lot. Henderson was also fantastic as Jack’s former mentor. The season was filled with other wonderful actors and actresses and the assassination of David Palmer by Logan’s men was very compelling

Season 2 easily. It took the great concept of the first season and raised the bar in every way. Jack’s wall neck snap says it all.

Season 1 is my favorite. It’s really a simple choice since the 1st season established and defined the character of Jack Bauer! Every season afterwards develops from the 1st. For me, no twist can remotely challenge the “Nina is the mole” arc or Teri’s death. I love every episode of the 1st season (except the Teri amnesia part) and can never be bored of season 1 no matter how many times I rewatch it!

Season 1 definitely! Which season can top the first? The plots were just so believable without any WMDs. The suspense was so great with Jack having to choose between duty and family constantly. I still find each new season to be exciting however, on rewatch, I will always choose season 1.

Seasons 5 and 7 hands down! 5 had amazing actors and an exceptional story. 7 had a completely different feel to it than any other season and it worked really well. 24 ROCKS!!!!

My favorite season of 24 is probably season 7

I think the best season is season 4 because one of my favorite characters was David Palmer

i think season five was the best season cause of the caracter

Season 1 by far! I remember being on the edge of my seat so many times. You could never predict what was coming, especially with Nina being the mole at the end. The show is still great, but you can sort of predict where the show goes now.

Most definitely season 2. After coming from an amazing first season, the second season picked it up right away. Great twists & many awesome Jack Bauer moments like that wall walk into a neck snap? Seriously? & not to mention one of the best presidential story arcs in all of the seasons. & not to mention George Mason & when we first saw Agent Pierce’s awesomeness.

Season 7!!!!!!! I LOVE Agent Renee Walker. That’s the reason season 7 is my favorite!

My favorite season is Season 5. All was so wraped-up, all the storylines. It was a beautiful day, despite all the tragic stuff that happened to jack.

My favorite season is season 7. I loved the entire Jack/Renee arc and how their relationship transformed throughout the season. Plus, Annie Wersching is phenomenal. I doubt anyone could play Renee Walker any better than her. Actually, I can’t even imagine anyone else as Renee…

Charlie Indelicato
January 10, 2010 at 6:48 pm
Hard to choose from them all… while 1 defined the genre, 2 raised the dramatic levels of TV to new heights.

Season 1, best plot, characters, and acting abilities

Season one because the first season is what started it all. And I was shocked when I found out Nina was a bad guy.

Loved Season 5 for the shocking beginning… but more importantly for the even more shocking ending when Bauer gets dragged off by the Chinese

Season 7 easily

Season One- Jack is most vulnerable!

they are all good but season 4 is my favorite!

i love them all but i really think season 3 was the best!