Brian Hastings

Mykelti Williamson

Mykelti Williamson interviewed by iFMagazine

However, since this interview was conducted before Hastings’ on-air dismissal (and 24’s cancellation), and since the 24 producers really might send Jack Bauer after any actor careless enough to provide untimely spoilers, Williamson doesn’t go into the possibilities of closure or comeback for his character. Here’s what he divulged: iF MAGAZINE: Were you a fan… View Article

Mykelti Williamson interviewed on CTU NY set

Mykelti Williamson talks with TV Guide on the set of CTU New York. He chats about his character, CTU director Brian Hastings (and differentiating himself from Bill Buchanan), the threat of 24 Season 8, Chloe O’Brian, and more. YouTube Link: 24: Mykelti Williamson

Mykelti Williamson as Brian Hastings in the 24 Season 8 premiere

24 Season 8 Premiere impressions by Matt Mitovitch

Any early thoughts on the new season of ‘24‘? – David As I raved on Facebook, there’s nary a clinker in the first four hours as Season 8 gets off to a solid start. That said, Mykelti Williamson’s Brian Hastings has got to be one of the most dense CTU directors in ‘24′ history; I… View Article

Jack Bauer resting in the 24 Season 8 premiere

Eight Things Jack Bauer Should Know for 24’s 8th Season

As you prepare to embark on your eighth action-packed day, TVGuide.com thought it wise — after looking into your future (i.e. the first four episodes of 24‘s Season 8 ) — to pass on a little advice. 1. Remember to cherish your friends: Chloe O’Brian (Mary Lynn Rajskub) has put her job — and sometimes… View Article

Mykelti Williamson as Brian Hastings in 24 Season 8

First look at CTU New York’s Brian Hastings

The TV Addict brings us a closer look at 24’s new Head of CTU, Brian Hastings (played by Mykelti Williamson): On what separates Brian Hastings from previous heads of CTU: “He’s an a**hole!” jokes the actor of his latest small screen alter-ego. “Well, at least for a while, but then he’ll surprise the audience by… View Article

Mykelti Williamson in Boomtown

Mykelti Williamson joins 24 as CTU Director Brian Hastings

The late Bill Buchanan’s heir apparent has been named, and it’s Mykelti Williamson. The actor, whose credits include TV’s Boomtown and CSI: NY and the Sundance hit Black Dynamite, is joining Fox’s 24 in the series regular role of Brian Hastings, the boss man of CTU’s New York outpost. Hastings, says Fox, is MBA-schooled and… View Article

24 Season 8 casting calls

Here we have the casting calls for many new major characters in 24 Season 8. “24”, the hit show from Fox Network, is now casting major ongoing roles for the 2010 season. From the producer of “Arrested Development”, this stylish show is about Counter Terrorist Unit agent Jack Bauer as he struggles to protect the… View Article