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24 Season 1 DVD Special Edition Audio Commentaries

Here are all the 24 Season 1 Special Edition DVD audio commentaries. 24 Season 1 Episode 1 commentary by Stephen Hopkins (Director), Peter Levy (Director of Photography): 24 Season 1 Episode 24 commentary by Stephen Hopkins (Director), Leslie Hope (Teri Bauer): Alternate 24 Season 1 finale scene commentary by Joel Surnow:

Kiefer Sutherland photoshoot

Kiefer Sutherland Says ’24’ Movie Is A Go

Over the course of five very long, nonconsecutive work days, Agent Jack Bauer has been caught up in vast conspiracies, massive terrorism plots and presidential scandals larger than anything the United States has ever seen. Now Kiefer Sutherland says his “24” character is finally going big time — and that some of his fan-favorite friends… View Article

Kiefer Sutherland interviewed by Sci-Fi Online

Being involved with a TV series like 24 must be pretty demanding on your time. Has it taken control of your life? My professional life? Absolutely. It’s been interesting though. I’ve been so lucky, I love doing this show, I love this crew, I love the subject matter, I love the character. For all of… View Article

La Femme Nikita Taught 24 How To Break The Rules

On the hit drama “24,” Kiefer Sutherland is put through the wringer combating terrorism, interoffice politics and split-screen technology. But anyone who thinks this distinctive, movie-like series came out of nowhere should check out its creators’ first hit: the cable action-drama “La Femme Nikita.” Ask Joel Surnow – who created “24” with Robert Cochrane –… View Article

IGN interviews Kiefer Sutherland

Q: 24, considered the hottest show on TV… There’s a lot of anticipation for the premiere. You guys are taking a chance, since your premiere is going to be commercial-free. SUTHERLAND: Actually Ford’s taking a big chance. They’re paying for it. Q: How do you feel about the premiere being commercial-free? SUTHERLAND: We’re excited about… View Article

24 Season 1 Alternate Ending

24 Season 1 Alternate Ending

24 Season 1 Alternate Ending If you’d like to know the reason why this ending was not chosen, watch the version below which features the audio commentary track from Joel Surnow. We’ve also transcribed it in text underneath. 24 Season 1 Alternate Ending (with commentary) Hi, I’m Joel Surnow, I’m an executive producer and co-creator… View Article

Elisha Cuthbert was “in shock” over Teri’s death

Devoted fans of Fox’s turbo-charged spy drama “24” weren’t the only ones who had to pluck their jaws from the floor when Teri Bauer (Leslie Hope) was killed in the show’s final episode. (Yes, Bauer really is dead.) Elisha Cuthbert, the charming 19-year-old Canadian who played her daughter, couldn’t believe it either. “I was in… View Article

Sarah Clarke interviewed by TV Guide about evil Nina

The set of 24 was a chamber of secrets for Sarah Clarke, who had to keep quiet about her character’s hidden agenda – and her own romance with a costar. You thought you knew Nina Myers. She was, you thought, the crime-fighting heroine of FOX’s 24 – its magnolia of steel. Resourceful and tough, she… View Article

Elisha Cuthbert: 24 Season 1 finale under “tight secrecy”, several endings

Even Calgary-born Elisha Cuthbert doesn’t know what happens in tonight’s finale of her thriller, 24. “There are a couple alternate endings,” the 19-year-old actress says on the phone from Los Angeles. “It’s definitely being kept under tight, tight secrecy. They’re keeping the secrets to surprise and shock the audience.” The series’ creators already did that… View Article

’24’ fans speculate on final hour

Somebody’s going to die tonight on 24 — though Tristate fans of the Fox thriller don’t agree on who it will be. It could be Victor Drazen (Dennis Hopper), the Balkan war criminal who has plotted to kill CIA agent Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland) and presidential candidate David Palmer (Dennis Haysbert). Or Nina Myers (Sara… View Article

Kiefer Sutherland on Craig Kilborn

Kiefer Sutherland was interviewed on Craig Kilborn ahead of the 24 Season 1 finale tomorrow. He talks about shooting three different endings. “Like a film, it has a conclusion. At the end of this twenty four hours, all of the questions get answered. There is an ending as opposed to a lot of shows.”

Sarah Clarke as Nina Myers 24 Season 1 Promotional Photo

’24’ roots out an unlikely mole in the loyal Nina

It’s getting so you can’t trust anyone. Right, Yelena? That may be how 24 fans feel after seeing Nina Myers, the lovelorn, hardworking CIA operative, revealed as Yelena the mole in Tuesday’s heavily promoted unmasking. Although viewers now know of Nina’s treachery, whether and how her colleagues learn about her is being saved for the… View Article