24 Season 1 finale makes EW’s 26 Great TV Season Finales list

Teri Bauer 24 Season 1 finale Silent Clock

The shocking 24 Season 1 finale has made Entertainment Weekly’s list of “26 Great TV Season Finales” and here’s what they had to say:


Poor Mrs. Bauer, Season 1
Jack Bauer doesn’t play by the rules. But no one could have predicted that 24‘s creators would go rogue and break a widely assumed rule of television drama: Major characters are supposed to be immortal. Someone must have missed that memo, and the result was a first-season finale shocker that robbed our hero of a stereotypical stroll into the sunset, and instead left him cradling the lifeless body of his wife. Teri Bauer took a bullet in the stomach, courtesy of Jack’s old flame, and killing her off took some serious guts. Unlike other series, when 24‘s writers warn that no character is safe, they mean it. —Gretchen Hansen

Source Entertainment Weekly

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