Nina Myers

Sarah Clarke as Nina Myers in a 24 Season 1 Promotional Photo

Sarah Clarke: 24 the “end of an era”

Mike Gencarelli: You played Nina Myers in “24″, with the show finally seeing its end, how do you feel? Sarah Clarke: I did. It was like an end of an era to see the show end. When I went to the finale party it was great to see so much of the crew that was… View Article

Sarah Clarke

Sarah Clarke reminisces about ’24’

In an interview with Sarah Clarke regarding her role on the Twilight series, she is of course asked about playing Nina Myers on 24. Here’s what she had to say: TVGuide.com: Your 24 character, Nina, is truly and sincerely dead. Does that ever make you sad? Clarke: Yes and no. I remember thinking it was… View Article

Reiko Aylesworth as Michelle Dessler in a 24 Season 3 promotional photo

Reiko Aylesworth interviewed by Sci-Fi Online

When you originally auditioned for 24 weren’t you up for the role of Nina? I did. Sarah Clarke’s just perfect for that role. She and Xander [Berkeley] are friends of mine and I can’t imagine anyone else in that role. And then for them to come and offer me the role of Michelle was great… View Article

Michelle Dessler in 24 Season 2

Reiko Aylesworth interviewed by TWOP

Television Without Pity has scored an in-depth interview with the wonderful Reiko Aylesworth. She talks all about the second season, dishes on lots of behind the scenes stuff, and much more. Gustave: When I nicknamed you “Bitchelle,” I didn’t think I’d ever have to talk to you. Reiko Aylesworth: I was actually pretty pleased with… View Article

Sarah Clarke interviewed by TV Guide about evil Nina

The set of 24 was a chamber of secrets for Sarah Clarke, who had to keep quiet about her character’s hidden agenda – and her own romance with a costar. You thought you knew Nina Myers. She was, you thought, the crime-fighting heroine of FOX’s 24 – its magnolia of steel. Resourceful and tough, she… View Article

Fans Can’t Wait for the Final 24

Fans of 24 had their world rocked last week when they learned straight-arrow counter-terrorist agent Nina Myers was a mole. No one had a clue she was a Serbian-speaking double agent named Yelena, hell-bent on assassinating Sen. David Palmer, who’s running for president — and trying to prevent her boss, agent Jack Bauer, from stopping… View Article

Eric Balfour as Milo Pressman in 24 Season 1

24’s Good Guys Do Use Macs

As Fox’s hit espionage thriller 24 draws to a close, the theory that the good guys use Macintosh computers while the bad guys use Windows PCs appears to be reinforced. The penultimate episode of the show, which aired on Tuesday evening, finally resolved the show’s major cliffhanger -– the identity of a traitor. The traitor’s… View Article