Robert Cochran

24 co-creator Robert Cochran renews contract for 2 years

Co-creator/co-showrunner Bob Cochran has inked a two-year, seven-figure overall deal with the show’s producer 20th Century Fox Television. The pact, as you’d expect, covers his duties on “24” for the length of the deal as well as develop (along with fellow “24” co-creator/co-showrunner Joel Surnow) new projects for the studio. Source: Futon Critic

24 Season 3 Artwork

24 Season 3 DVD Audio Commentaries

Here are all six audio commentaries from the 24 Season 3 DVD. 24 Season 3 Episode 3 commentary by Kiefer Sutherland (Jack Bauer) and writer Howard Gordon: 24 Season 3 Episode 5 commentary by writer Evan Katz and Riley Smith (Kyle Singer): 24 Season 3 Episode 10 commentary by Sarah Clarke (Nina Myers) and writer… View Article

Penny Johnson Jerald as Sherry Palmer in 24 Season 3

Kiefer Sutherland believes 24 Season 3 is best yet

Things have changed on 24. Even the most diehard devotee will admit their favourite hour of television is different this year. For their third season, the gritty real-time drama shifted gears and changed their formula considerably — both out of necessity and for the better, according to series star Kiefer Sutherland. “For those of us… View Article

Vancouver Sun interviews 24 Cast and Crew

LOS ANGELES – The following took place between 1:30 p.m. and 2 p.m. on Jan. 16. Events occurred in real time. Penny Johnson Jerald, who plays Sherry Palmer, President Palmer’s scheming ex-wife on 24, is asked at the semi-annual gathering of the Television Critics Association what she thinks about the Fox network’s penchant for giving… View Article

Elisha Cuthbert as Kim Bauer in 24 Season 3

Damsel Kim Bauer is back to distressing ’24’ fans

A deadly virus is loose in L.A. Super agent Jack Bauer is fighting a drug habit. Counter Terrorist Unit chief Tony Almeida has been shot. Viewers have come to expect such riveting stuff from Fox’s 24 (tonight, 9 ET/PT). But the real shocker this third season? It took six episodes for Jack’s eternally imperiled daughter,… View Article

Kiefer Sutherland Keen to Kill Off Jack Bauer

Actor Kiefer Sutherland thinks killing off his character in the hit US television series 24 wouldn’t be a bad idea. “I feel really strongly that if you want to jar the audience, take Jack out,” Sutherland told TV Guide. “As much as it would break my heart not to do this show, I think it’s… View Article

24 Season 2 Artwork

24 Season 2 DVD Audio Commentaries

Here are all six 24 Season 2 audio commentaries found on the DVD. 24 Season 2 Episode 4 commentary by Carlos Bernard (Tony Almeida), Sarah Wynter (Kate Warner), Michelle Forbes (Lynn Kresge): 24 Season 2 Episode 6 commentary by director Jon Cassar, Sarah Clarke (Nina Myers): 24 Season 2 Episode 10 commentary by Penny Johnson… View Article

’24’ cast predicts another great day

PASADENA, Calif. — The clock is ticking on the next 24, and fans want to know: Can Fox pull it off again? Yes, say stars of the thriller that dramatized a day in the life of CIA counter-terrorist agent Jack Bauer in 24 episodes, each representing an hour of one day. Listen to the rave… View Article

Cochran and Surnow talk 24 with World Screen

Joel Surnow and Robert Cochran have a long track record of writing and creating successful network shows. Their credits include Falcon Crest, Miami Vice and The Equalizer. They are the executive producers — along with Academy Award winners Ron Howard and Brian Grazer — of 24, this season’s most talked about and critically acclaimed series,… View Article

Joel Surnow: “impossible to come up with a 24-episode arc”

Sitting through an entire episode of the unnervingly suspenseful “24″ is a gleeful exercise in masochism, both thrilling and torturous. Since its debut this season, Fox’s ingenious new espionage drama has found itself at the center of a maelstrom of publicity and critical adulation, even if its underwhelming ratings don’t necessarily reflect the show’s originality… View Article