D.B. Woodside comments on the 24 movie

D.B. Woodside
D.B. Woodside

Last April, we broke the news about a “24” movie, but since then the project has seen little movement aside from shuffling dates. Now it appears that 2009 may be the magic number, as that year marks the end of Fox’s current commitment to the television series under its recently renewed contract.

For a status check, we caught up with D.B. Woodside, the actor who portrays President Wayne Palmer. “I think they’re talking about doing the movie when they’re done with the television series,” he told us. “I think they have one or two more years for TV, and then they’ll start up with the movies.”

That statement raises two questions: First, is this confirmation that the show indeed has only two years remaining in its life, and no additional seasons are planned? And secondly, was “movies” a slip of the tongue or should fans expect multiple theatrical episodes of Jack Bauer’s manic life? For his part, count Woodside in. “It’s ’24,’ of course I would [like to be in the movie]. It’s a great show and it’s been a fun ride for me.”

Source MTV Movies Blog