Mary Lynn Rajskub interviewed on KRON 4

KRON 4’s Gary Radnich interviews Mary Lynn Rajskub. There’s not a whole lot of talk about 24, but it’s funny.

YouTube Link: Mary Lynn Rajskub “Chloe O’Brian” of 24


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[..YouTube..] Congratulations on meeting her! 24 is a great show.

[..YouTube..] awsome

[..YouTube..] No doubt it was such honor for her to meet Stan, she did look star struck

[..YouTube..] chloe is hot wow.

[..YouTube..] 24 is the best show every, and chloe hopefully never gets killed of the show. They are known for that.

[..YouTube..] Chloe is the best!!

[..YouTube..] shes such a bitch. i can so tell

[..YouTube..] cloe sucks sooo much!!!!!!

[..YouTube..] zabzab007 sucks so much MMMOOORRREEEE!!!!!!!!!!!

[..YouTube..] 14534 is such a Douche, I can SMELL!!!!!!!

[..YouTube..] typsieh is the best too!!!!!!!!!!

[..YouTube..] lol I love Chloe! :D

[..YouTube..] so hot omg

[..YouTube..] in 24 she looks younger, a lot younger….

[..YouTube..] @zabzab007 You’re a dumb arse!

[..YouTube..] Does that guy ever stop fucking talking, I want to hear what she has to say. Lard arse.

[..YouTube..] If this Radnich guy would take a breath Mary Lynn would actually be able to get a full joke out. He just keeps cutting her off then changing the subject to himself.