Mary Lynn Rajskub asked whether Chloe is the new Jack Bauer

Mary Lynn Rajskub was asked whether Chloe is the new Jack Bauer at an event for her upcoming movie, Julie and Julia.

YouTube Link: Is Chloe the new Jack Bauer?? (via Elizabeth Snead)


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[..YouTube..] I’ll keep watching this show even if Jack dies

[..YouTube..] i cant believe anyone could even consider that chloe could do the jack bauer thing. She couldnt yell like Kiefer. They would have to completely change her character cuz she is by the book, jack is the opposite.

[..YouTube..] I like chloe very much shes the best

[..YouTube..] She’s so hot in this video

[..YouTube..] first time i saw chloe i thought she was a spy. She’s a great actress lol.

[..YouTube..] I hope they don’t kill Chloe.

I’m fearing that that’s going to be the case in Season 8 though. Everyone is going to die until Jack is the only main person left I suspect. Both Palmers, Curtis Manning, Audrey Raines, Teri Bauer, Bill Buchanon & Michelle Dessler have either died or gone into comas to where they can’t return & Jack, Kim, Aaron Pierce & Chloe are the only main ones left. Also, being a guy, I wouldn’t mind Renee get it on with Bauer since she’s hot

[..YouTube..] I was waiting for her to get killed in season 4, then season 5, etc. Jack Bauer is 24

[..YouTube..] she’s hot for sure

[..YouTube..] she definetely deserves spinoff

[..YouTube..] Noooooooooooooooooooooo…It’s me!!;)

[..YouTube..] @David12246 By the book? She helps him all the time in his protocol-breaching side-operations! How can you say that!

[..YouTube..] Sad that Chloe got arrested.

[..YouTube..] she’s a lot less bitchy in real life lol

are you still to make 24 with jack?
August 7, 2012 at 5:00 am