Kim Raver wants closure for “soul mates” Audrey and Jack

Jack Bauer and Audrey Raines hug
Jack Bauer and Audrey Raines hug

This could be the last season of 24. Has there been any talk of Audrey possibly returning?
That’s a tricky one. I was happy to know Audrey wasn’t dead because there [may be] a little bit of a window to go back to that family. But I don’t know where they are with that storyline. I’m sort of a romantic at heart so I would love to see some closure between Jack and Audrey — especially if it’s the last season. I feel like [Audrey just] lying there not being able to talk to him wasn’t really any kind of great closure.

Are you of the opinion that they’re soul mates?
I am. I have a warm spot for those two characters. They are soul mates. I know that sounds corny, but they are.

Source Entertainment Weekly