Katee Sackhoff video interview

Katee talks about her role on 24 (CTU analyst Dana Walsh).

YouTube Link: Katee Sackhoff 24 interview

Thanks to Zap2It’s Elizabeth Snead for conducting the interview!


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[..YouTube..] Thanks for this interview, can’t wait to see Katee in season 8!

[..YouTube..] was the interviewer holding the camera too? what’s with the shot?

and did the interviewer say “shit, me too”? wow, REAL professional.

[..YouTube..] hey, DTDB1225
you can suck it

you try holding a flip cam on the carpet while doing an interview before you start throwing stones.
and i didn’t say s–t. but i do love ice road truckers.
like i said, suck it.


[..YouTube..] is the best show everrrr

[..YouTube..] i’m so watching 24 again because of starbuck. hehe!

[..YouTube..] I really didn’t expect the chick who plays Starbuck to smile so much and talk like this.
She’s really feminine and cute, who knew?
total hottie anyhow