TV Guide interviews Mary Lynn Rajskub & Katee Sackhoff

YouTube Link: 24 Season 8: Mary Lynn Rajskub

YouTube Link: 24 Season 8: Katee Sackhoff


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[..YouTube..] haha, love the change from dramatic to when she starts laughing ;)

[..YouTube..] Mary-Lynn is so pretty!

[..YouTube..] It is so nice to see her smile Chloe is so serious all the time

[..YouTube..] she sounds so depressed and tired :(

[..YouTube..] Hey @Debby71136, thanks for the heads up about the 9 7 m ov i E s. C o M, I am so going to watch this one again when my buddy gets back from college! This is a winner!

[..YouTube..] Who directed this movie? It was so cool! Does anyone know? My co-workers and I have a bet about who the Director was. I want to watch it again on 9 7 M o V i e s. Co M, but if anyone knows, tell me.

[..YouTube..] @YouDiddntSeeAnything I wouldn’t know about that, she seems a-ok to me! :)

[..YouTube..] hah she sounds just like in the movie

[..YouTube..] Still loving this serie

[..YouTube..] XD she’s funny

[..YouTube..] she better pack a lunch, cause shes got a long day ahead of her

[..YouTube..] she is actually pretty hot :D

[..YouTube..] wow, I’ve allways wondered why I’m so attracted to this girl & in this video she looks really hot, I feel justified. it makes sense now

[..YouTube..] Guys, I just got major breaking-news from “24.” Mary-Lynn just announced that the show will officially ended this season(season 8) on May 24. In other words, no more Jack Bauer after this season. Your reactions, please?

[..YouTube..] She’s hot and funny!

[..YouTube..] i really like this actress she’s got a lot of charisma and good facial expressions. She was in nip tuck too. She’s good you never forget her face i really like her eventhgouh her characters are always bad she makes it nice for us to hate them haha

[..YouTube..] Calculated is an understatment!!! I can’t believe the twist of this season!!! This is a great show!!

[..YouTube..] @ORwu I heard they are going to make a movie so im not too sad about the end of 24

[..YouTube..] she brings great freshness to 24…I thing that Jack, Buchannan and her were forming the post-season 3 leading trio…can’t wait for the movie 0_O

[..YouTube..] She’s cute. :D


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[..YouTube..] she is fukin 38 years old, im 24 year old… and im fuckin IN LOVE with her!

[..YouTube..] best CTU badass mole since Nina Meyer

[..YouTube..] so when is season 9 starting?

[..YouTube..] for some reason I thought she was older but it turns out she’s a year younger than I am.

[..YouTube..] @mauriceh01 there is no season 9

[..YouTube..] i loved u too much chloe, especially your intimate working relationship with jack was just the ultimate!!!…nothing cn b any better!!!

[..YouTube..] season 8 was the worst of all,i didn’t like jack’s revenge kick.that’s not what he did for 7 seasons

[..YouTube..] She was a little bitch when Kevin Wade tried to fuck with her and then she was prepared to go head to toe with the biggest badarse of all Jack Bauer. No wonder you couldn’t see it coming – it wasn’t written perfectly. It’s hot when she says the words SEX (1.55) though haha

[..YouTube..] she is so sexy..

[..YouTube..] She’s really hot. lol didn’t expect her to be Villain.

[..YouTube..] @mauriceh01

Never, 24 was canceled. They are gonna make a movie and then it’s finished.

[..YouTube..] ;* chloe i s the beeeest !!!!!!!! :)

[..YouTube..] @SneakySoft actually, theyre going to make one movie and depending on the success they could always make another one.

[..YouTube..] chloe O’brien maa ki lori bohat heroini banti hai….randi saali….

[..YouTube..] ohh….yeah….ohhhhhhhhhhh yeah m comin…ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh….u are fuckin hot katee……i wanna fuck u….

[..YouTube..] CHLOE<3 Haaah!! She's hilarious.

[..YouTube..] Chloe, such a sweet girl!

[..YouTube..] damn I hate this girl!

[..YouTube..] When your mom stops giving me head.

[..YouTube..] Hot Milfona :)

[..YouTube..] nice busom

[..YouTube..] very pretty and in a approachable way.

[..YouTube..] Chloe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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[..YouTube..] Anyone noticed that in 24 season 8 Katee Sackhoff is playing a kind of “female Terminator” : her character Dana Walsh is a tribute to that great movie.

[..YouTube..] I LOVE her!

[..YouTube..] dammit chloe!!!!!!!!!!

[..YouTube..] melancholly women are sexy as fuck!

[..YouTube..] I hope I don´t spoil it for everyone..But she makes a great head of CTU !!

[..YouTube..] @fuckinhell34 O.o ookay calm down ..

[..YouTube..] we like her a whole lot better than kim bauer. that kim bauer is annoying at times. what’s the name of the actress who plays kim bauer?

[..YouTube..] @cafra1707
kim is played by elisha cuthbert

[..YouTube..] I like her real smile :)

[..YouTube..] @cafra1707
her name is Elisha Ann Cuthbert

[..YouTube..] princess

[..YouTube..] Damn it chloe we’re running out of time

[..YouTube..] This is the best video I have ever seen of Katee. She looks beautiful, sexy, feminine.