24’s Annie Wersching: Renee is “Completely Dangerous”

Now this is what I like to hear!

TVGuide.com: How would you say Renee plays into this season?
Renee didn’t end Day 7 in a very great place. She obviously went through a lot of changes and was just fighting a lot of stuff and trying to figure out what’s right and what’s wrong. Renee has not had a good time of it in between Day 7 and Day 8, so she comes back pretty damaged and she doesn’t have anything to lose so it makes her pretty dangerous. Last year she had her job to lose, her entire career that she’s built, her partner; she had all this stuff she could lose if she did something the wrong way or went against what she thought were her morals and ethics, but this year, meh.

TVGuide.com: Is that fun to play?
It’s really fun. I got to do so much great stuff last year. From where the character began in the first episode in Season 7 to the 24th, I got the greatest arc that you don’t always see. I’m just so excited that somehow it’s so different again this year.

TVGuide.com: How do you think she will help or hinder Jack this season?
It’s such an interesting relationship this season because last year they both helped each other in a lot of ways. They both saved each other in a lot of ways. She’s totally now living on the edge and is completely dangerous. She’s trying to help out the new CTU, but she’s definitely not playing by the rules. Jack comes along to try to keep an eye on her and make sure that she doesn’t do anything that can hurt the mission, but I think he really cares about her and wants to make sure that she’s OK because he can obviously tell that something’s off. She has no one to answer to and gets herself into a wee bit of trouble.

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Sounds somewhat promising. I have a feeling she maybe season 2 and 3 version of Jack where he was darker and more dangerous if I correct on that. But I hope she doesn’t turn into season 7 Tony or Nina.

I read the whole article on tv guide.There is a chance he’s the reason she can be brought back I look forward to seeing what happens

Whats about her character being “undercover in the Russian mob”, which is mentioned in the full interview?? I don’t remember it from the 7th season…