Katee Sackhoff video interview on TV Guide

24 star Katee Sackhoff talks about leaving Battlestar Galactica for the world of Jack Bauer. Katee discusses playing against type, her character’s twisted back story and moving on from the Sci-Fi world.

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[..YouTube..] best show on earth, better than starbucks

[..YouTube..] She is horrible in her role.

[..YouTube..] No one cares about her character but she’s a good actress and she’s kinda stealing the show.

It’s the writing that’s lame

[..YouTube..] She kinda made Battlestar Galactica better then it really was but she truly is stealing the show on “24′

[..YouTube..] @WiiKingMattitude24 no more horrible than what’s goin on in your bedroom

[..YouTube..] Katee had a great run on 24 – best OMG moment for the last few seasons of 24 was due to her great portrayal of Dana Walsh.

[..YouTube..] a beautiful woman

[..YouTube..] Jack Bauer owned the shit out of this bitch

[..YouTube..] this bitch is so cool! I loved her in 24! :)

[..YouTube..] jesus look at that right thigh. i want to eat this girls pussy SO BAD

[..YouTube..] she was awesome … while she lasted

[..YouTube..] @xSayHiToTheBadGuyx oh so yea

[..YouTube..] @WatchMyAwesomeVideos I care, and how is she stealing the show?… I guess you’d prefer more close-up’s of jack bauer’s anal fur?

[..YouTube..] I’m a guy thank you very much.

What I meant is that she is a scene-stealer. She’s so cool & whenever she appears, she just is so over-the-top & hamming it up that you got to love it

[..YouTube..] @WatchMyAwesomeVideos yea

[..YouTube..] a beautiful smile

[..YouTube..] I’m sorry, Katee was terrible. She was not believable at all. Whoever wrote her character did a lousy job. She was wimpy and unintelligent; certainly no Nina Myers. What?! Did he just say she was “out-Chloeing” Chloe? Are you serious? I love Katee. She was excellent in BG. But I am glad they killed her off.

[..YouTube..] @originaluziclip I thought Katee was great (but then I’ve never seen BG). Comparing her to Nina Myers is a little unfair, Myers was clearly a veteran, “the Anti-Jack”.

Walsh wasn’t on that level, she’s like a high school girl trying to play in the big leagues as a spy. Which I thought was neat! She does out-Chloe Chloe, but only on a tech level.

[..YouTube..] She’s very cute…sweet and a good actress….its a pity that BG ended. I miss it.

[..YouTube..] @MikamiPro

She did not do it for me. I could not help but scold her the entire time. But, since you made the point of her being the “school girl trying to play in the big leagues as a spy” then I can cut her some slack. But, that also speaks to how emotionally immature most the agents at CTU were. I wonder if that was on purpose by the Writers? They would hire anyone for CTU?! And Tony Almeida did not grow a pair until later in the seasons.

[..YouTube..] @originaluziclip The only thing you would cut her slack on is that she was just following the script. Acting-wise, she did the best should could, but the character of Dana Walsh was just terrible. At times, Katee’s acting skills were garbage, but she was playing an impossible role. I completely agree with you. Terrible in 24.

[..YouTube..] @tangram108 I totally agree with you. I think she is a great actor (certianly not the next Johnny Depp) but she did a great job with what she had. The writing was so all over the place with the character of Walsh

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[..YouTube..] Bionic woman?

[..YouTube..] @JerichoJames She was in the NBC remake, it didnt last long.

[..YouTube..] she is very sexy and beautiful

[..YouTube..] This bitch well wonderful actress had me want to kill her the whole time. I wanted Michael Myers to come and get her again.

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