Every Explosion on “24” (Video)

Almost every single explosion from 24 in video form. Stan and Scott Blackwell do great work on this show. A lot more explosions than I remembered!

Source Kuemmet on Vimeo


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That video would make Michael Bay jizz in his pants… LOL

where’s season 2s nuke?

Not EVERY explosion but close. Is missing one in the Season 7 finale (Tony shoot an exploding oil barrel), and the Season 8 premiere (Cole Ortiz helicopter rocketed) and Season 8 episode 3 (Cole saving Hassan from the bomb with the car).

Yes there are a few errors, and I apologize. A big one I missed is Pierce blowing up the guy with the flamethrower as well.

I will be updating this with added explosions, correct chronology, and season 8 when finished.

Also, at the time I made this, I only had episode 1-10 of Season 2 on my computer, hence those being missing. Will fix.

Very nice… Thanks for taking the time & effort, Mr. Kuemmet.