24 Season 8 Visual Effects – Stargate Studios Reel

Here’s a video showing some cool before and after green-screen shots in the first nine episodes of 24 Season 8.

Despite being set in New York, the eighth season of 24 was filmed entirely in Los Angeles and much of the skylines were digitally replaced by Stargate Studios using technology they refer to as “Virtual Backlot.” You can see some of their work in this showreel video.

Source 24 Spoilers on YouTube


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[..YouTube..] Sucks that it’s being cancelled… oh well ill be looking forward to the feature film.

[..YouTube..] It’s amazing what they can do with computers today. I don’t understand how they did the helicopter part at the start of this video though cause there’s no green-background behind it. Do they just photoshop every single frame of the video around the helicopter or something?

[..YouTube..] @Klenic They are going to cancel season 8??????

[..YouTube..] Season 8 will be the last season of 24

[..YouTube..] great! Thanks

[..YouTube..] Lol that’s pretty sick. Never even crossed my mind that those might be done with special effects. Everything looks so real and natural.

[..YouTube..] very cool!!!!

[..YouTube..] Fuckin’ AWESOME!

Those are so cool. Must be a pain for the actors though trying to remember visual cues since you know, they’re not on location.

I was around the area when they were filming the part of Kiefer running into the guys playing basketball. It was kind of funny trying to pass off a suburb in L.A. as Brooklyn.

very decieving, haha thats 24 atleast the hellicopter is real :D

[..YouTube..] im shocked! totally thought it was recorded in NY

[..YouTube..] wow, talk about the magic of hollywood!

[..YouTube..] It’s like every scene is a digital pastiche.

[..YouTube..] did they actually build CTU NY? if so where lol, id love to go stalk it…. errr see it.

[..YouTube..] Amazing stuff, man.

[..YouTube..] why pay extras when you have cgi?

lol the same can go for the writers on this season

[..YouTube..] ummm… WOW , AMAZING

[..YouTube..] I don’t get the point of the greenscreen at 1:25? It doesn’t cover the girl. And even if it does from another angle, what does it help to greenscreen her, if they then have to draw around the whole helicopter with rotating blades and all!?

[..YouTube..] @sten360 and it got cancelled because it was too expensive to produce. wonder where the money went…

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[..YouTube..] i thought new york looked funny lol

[..YouTube..] 0:55 and 1:00 look bad

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[..YouTube..] @jesperc20 That’s because it silhouettes Chloe. The rest of the background is black, so it doesn’t matter to cover that with green screen.

[..YouTube..] wow that’s impressive, the only moment i noticed the background was kind of odd was in the 1st episode where journalist Meredith Reed was having an outdoors phone call. Never realized they actually used screens.

[..YouTube..] WOW!!! I feel like trying to run into the background just to see what would happen, im soo impressed!!!!

[..YouTube..] starbuck ftw

[..YouTube..] I had no idea they spent most of the budget on background effects.

[..YouTube..] @WatchMyAwesomeVideo2 They didn’t, this is actually a lot cheaper for them to do than actually going to NYC and it cuts out costs such as set dressing and permits etc.. so this saved money. A feature on the Season 8 DVD/ Blu-ray explains this.

[..YouTube..] @chriswillb
0:55 looks so fake

[..YouTube..] Wow I never realised that’s how they actually did it! There was me thinking it was all filmed on location lol!

[..YouTube..] noticed you liked visual effects videos and i thought you would also like mine,.