24 Scenemakers 8×14: Gun Fight

The 12th Scenemakers of 24 Season 8 with director Milan Cheylov, actor Anil Kapoor (Omar Hassan), and stunt coordinator Jeff Cadiente.


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[..YouTube..] this is undoubtedly the best gunfight sequence in 24 ever, ever, period.

[..YouTube..] Then you are not a fan of “24.”

This season is okay but nothing compared to the first 7 seasons.

There were way better gun fights like the assault rifle shootout with Bauer defending Nina from the terrorists disguised as military in Season 2,

Season 5’s opening scene where he shoots at the people chasing him in the car,


any shootout in Season 6 or 7 (there’s a lot of them).

[..YouTube..] @SeanConnery9000 sigh, thats my personal opinion, i have watched all 8 series, that was just my fave gunfight, sorry if it wasnt yrs, and any distress i caused you by posting my comment, if i hurt you emotianly or mentally i retract my comment fully and without reservation.

[..YouTube..] It’s okay, I apologize for attacking you,

Opinions are like butts, everybody has one

[..YouTube..] @SeanConnery9000 LOL, yeah, and they all stink, thanks for the reply :)