Anil Kapoor video interview on Good Day LA

Anil Kapoor interviewed on Good Day LA this morning. It includes a clip from tonights double-hour episode of 24 (starts an hour earlier tonight, don’t forget!) at the start and some more around the 5:35 mark.

Source: Redlasso


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How can this guy from Good day LA (no idea what his name is) be so IGNORANTduring his interviews???? who is this guy anyway?

@bk Yea that question he asked at 4:57 was completely out of line and stupid. Anil Kapoor should have walked out right there. That Good Day LA guy should be fired IMO.

[..YouTube..] he’s alittle too serious in this and most his interviews

[..YouTube..] I want to smell Anil Kapoor too.

[..YouTube..] @swiv2d what u expect? a clown? hes normal

[..YouTube..] This motherfucker anchor, white shit – is discriminating – he cannt see non-whites successful – motherfucker!

[..YouTube..] it takes time to equalize the gap between “haves” and have nots”..Indians are still far better than China in terms of economic equality..america got independence 200 years ago..India 60 years ago..still in that standard become the 4th largest economy growing at 9% per annum is not an bad achievement for Indians in these many years..

[..YouTube..] While the lead Anchor is an idiot (with his snide remark about Indians), I think that Anil Kapoor emerged as an intelligent and confident actor. He answered that snide remark (of that gray haired idiot) very beautifully. Bravo!

[..YouTube..] yes…1.2 billion people..u have any problem with that? we believe in marital and family relationships that’s why we have children with their known parents unlike u shits who like to have blowjobs and handjobs and dont have divine hus-wife sexual relations which is why ur population only 1/3 of india’s..but dont worry bring me ur wife and daughter i’ll make it 1 billion for u shits also…

[..YouTube..] …..he might be richer than Tom Cruise…..35 yrs he is acting non-stop and all hits…he is also producer …..