Video: Glee cast introduces “24”

Here’s a video of Glee cast members Matthew Morrison (“Will Schuester”) and Jane Lynch (“Sue Sylvester”) introducing the double-hour episode 15/16 of 24.

YouTube Link: Glee cast introduces “24”


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[..YouTube..] Haha, awesome introduction! ;)

[..YouTube..] Haha love it!!

[..YouTube..] Lmaooo:)

[..YouTube..] hahahahaha

[..YouTube..] This cracked me up so much when I saw it last night on TV. Glad it’s been posted!

[..YouTube..] hahahaha. this was great.

Gotta love Sue.

[..YouTube..] matt and jane are just amazing

[..YouTube..] Great chemistry

[..YouTube..] Best episode yet? I think so, just saw it online at watchgleestreamingnow (.) com

[..YouTube..] LOVE THIS

[..YouTube..] Is this video bugged for anybody else?

[..YouTube..] they just made a commercial for there show with 24 …