Chloe has “a whole different relationship” with Jack Bauer

This Mary Lynn Rajskub radio interview is from April 12th, but it’s a pretty good listen. It closes with Rajskub choking and saying “I’m super high right now”, which is pretty much the funniest way to end an interview ever.

“When I take over CTU, it’s putting me in a position to have to deal with Jack not as an underling, now I’m having to grapple with the bigger decisions. Dealing directly with the President and sometimes undermining what I’m supposed to be doing: but I’m the boss! So, it’s a whole different relationship that I have with Jack.”

It definitely seems like the writers are going to be changing up the typical Jack/Chloe relationship in these final episodes. I’m going to throw a prediction out there (and it’s purely a guess), Jack Bauer might wind up going too far and Chloe will be the one forced to take him into custody.

Listen to it the full interview here: The Official Johnny Dare Morning Show website